One Without a Second. Work is Worship.
World=Family. Dharma Enlightens.
Vivekananda  Hypothesis . Vedic Age 5567 yeaes.
Kapila  Hypothesis. Sevenfold Chord of Being.
Manifestations of ABSOLUTE. Myths Are  Symbols.
Ninth Prosperity  Hypothesis. Vivekananda  Hypothesis II.
A Revealed Equation.

30 Muhurtas

Two Largest Democracies 

Many Manifestations

Other Equations


.Man's Life One Day Seven States of Consciousness
 Derivation of Sciences Modern. Aurobindo Hypothesis
 Sai  Hypothesis.  Absolute Being




Indian Culture

Transcendental Poems 
Indian Culture II Ten Commandments
New Age & World Government  Twelve Commandments of  Dhanvantari 
Indian Culture III Sufism
33 Deities  Transcendental Philosophy 
Blogs on Blogger The Twenty Four Gurus 
Vastuvidyareality Return to the Wisdom of Nature 
Indian Culture IV Holy Geeta and Management 
Chakras  Astro Magic
Indian Culture V Ritucharya of Ayurveda 
Brihat Hora Sastra Greatest Bliss
Rudrakshas Travel & Tourism Articles  
Mundane Astrology Article The Sciences of India 
Aurobindo HypothesisVII

Esoteric Lotus

Uthram Rising

Intellectual Love

World Peace Formula Law of Epistemic Correlation 
Global Family Vedic Foods
Div Chart 12 Business Process Outsourcing 
Veda Purusha, Self as Wisdom Naturopathy  
Elongation Effects of Transit Jupiter from Asc

Mythology is Psychology


Indigenous Medicine 

Ee Paadam   

Eternal Marriage 

Indian Medicine 

Garland of Knowledge

Chandra Siddhanta     

Chandra Siddhanta II

Six Auxiliary Sciences 

The Primal Science

Planetary Hours 

Ayur Medicine  A

The Yaska Hypothesis.

Poets Are Winners.


Kala Hora

Math  Points

Traditional  Medicine Kerala

Golden Sunrise

Mentalist Song

Dawn Meditation

Pancha Siddhantika

Upanishadic Equations

i iUpanishadic Equations

The Seven Concentric Sheaths.

Vedanga Sastras

Guruvayur4u Hypothesis

Aryabhata Hypothesis.

Gautama Hypothesis

Of  The  Eternal  Law

Solar Fire in Matter. vBhartri  Hari  Hypothesis II.
Karma Shapes Fate. AManifestations of the Absolute
Evolution of Consciousness.

Revealed Equations


Secrets of Poetry. Manifestations of the Divine.
Fate Forgive my mistakes.
 Overmind   Poetry. Sapta Koshas.
Secrets of Overmind Poetry. EternaI Law.
SuprarationalMystery. Brahmagupta Hypothesis


Global Crisis

Mathematical Absolute.



KalaPurusha , SELF AS TIME    

Visva Purusha, Self as Space

Aurobindo Hypothesis IV

18 Strengths


I donate S A

Two Aspects Holism
Functionalities Two Fullnesses 
Greatest Mantra Ayurvedic Astrology
Three types of men Music  of Spheres Nine
Other Commandments GreAt Song of Eternity
Eternal Land Western Scholars
Love Mightier Kanada Hypothesis
Poorna Yoga 

Of  Acceleration


Science of  Time



Be With Me


Advaita Vedanta Science=Bliss
MATHEMAGIC Poetry=Bliss 
Solar Path Intellectual Redeemer 
WISDOM=BLISS The Unwritten Vedas


Self Protectors

Russia Horoscope

Magic of Love

Contributions of Kerala

TheSeven Cardinal Virtues

Remedies of Saturn

Namaste India

Hath He Not Promised ?

Pak Horoscope


Esoteric No 3 Of World Government
A=Absolute Eight Equations
A=Absolute 2 Why Union via Love
A=Absolute 3 Truth in Monosyllables
A=Absolute 4 A=Absolute 6
Sacred Seven 1 A=Absolute 7
Sacred Seven 2 Yoga for Overmind Poetry
A=Absolute 5 Overmind
7 Pointed Seal of Solomon Absolute Bimba Pratibimba
Apostle Of Oneness Poetic Imageries Hitherto
Grandest Concept Yoga Cures Bhoga=Roga
Rise From Negative

Solar Mysticism

Divine Symbolism

Words of Sanctuary

Universal Will

3 Ws vs True W

A=Absolute 9

A=Absolute 10


A=Absolute 14

A=Absolute 16

A=Absolute 18

A=Absolute 20

A=Absolute 22

A=Absolute 24

Yoga for Overmind Poetry


Highest Wisdom is Love

 Daughter of Heaven

Purpose of Life

Why Poetry?

    Two Tributes

Of World Peace

Of Pre Calculation

Time, Sole Doer

Astro Mysticism

Union via Love vs Wisdom


Aurobindonian Dialectic

A=Absolute 8

A=Absolute 11

A=Absolute 12

A=Absolute 15

A=Absolute 17

A=Absolute 19

A=Absolute 21

A=Absolute 23

A=Absolute 25

Nationalist Song

Eternal Lover

Poetical Mightier

Source of  Poetry

Poet's Invocation

Of Deity

Superconscient Pull

Transcend Thyself      

Of Lunar Months