A stands for Apadi Kim Karaneeyam?
What shall be done in a crisis?
The solution is to think of Thy Lotus Feet
Smaraneyam tava pada yugalam.
A stands for Alakshmi, non Prosperity
Lack of mental peace in the houses of the vicious
Papatmanam Bhavaneshu Alakshmi,
And who is the Anti Thesis of Prosperity, Lakshmi.
A stands for Abhauma, the supra mundane,
Wherein are revealed all secrets esoteric
Which deals with the positive aspect of Man,
That aspect whick makes him godlike!
A stands for Abhaya, fearlessness,
Fearlessness cocomitant with wisdom
As fearlessness alone can give crown diviine,
Nayam Atma Bhayaheena Labhya !
A stands for Apsides Line,
For Sun, the Line of Helion,
Also for the Argument of Perihelion,
Or rather, the Argument of Peri Apsis !
A stands for Andromeda Galaxy,
Our proximate Galaxy,
Also for   Antares, the red super giant,
Which is known as Anti-Mars !
A stands for Aham Samam Sarva Bhooteshu,
That I am equal and equanimous in all,
One of the leading principles of Divine Egalitarianism,
Divine Communism or the Marxist Brahmam !
A stands for Anaswara, Eternal,
Anaswara Niyamam, the Eternal Law,
Also represents the Universe Eternal,
An eternal, perpetual phenomenon !
A stands for Asambhavyam, the Impossible,
I believe because it is impossible !
As Miracles transcend Reason,
That is why they are called Miracles !
A stands for  Asmad Guroon Santatamanathosmi,
Eternal tradition of Masters Divine,
Stretching from the Eternal, beginiingless Lord,
With Sankara at Middle and Mahesh Yogi at End !
A stands for Abhaya Prada Hasta,
The Tutelary " I am with thee, fear thou not,
My Grace is sufficient for thee,
With which thou shalt overcome all difficulties !
A stands for Alchemy,
Science of transmutation of baser metals into gold,
Esoterica has it that Gold symbolises Self,
And baser metals, we humans.
A stands for  Astro Meteorology,
Science of Correspondence,
Between Solar Transits and climate,
The 27 Njattuvelas caused by Sun.
A stands for Anugraha, Benediction,
Anugraha Vichitra Roopastava,
How strange is Thy Grace,
As the poet Melpathur exulted !