Remedies for Saturn Afflicted

O Lord Saturn, O Glorious  One,
Show compassion on us !
Even though we are unworthy of it.
Unworthy of Thy Grace !

We will indulge in Musica Sacra
Show compassion on us !

We shall bathe Thee in oil,
And   extol   Thy Greatness !

We will hear  Thy Stories,
When Thou imparted Justice,
Justice Thou Art and  Destiny too,
Have mercy on our souls !

With the waters of Panca Amrit,
We shall bathe Thee !
With flowers, fruits and incense,
We shall propitiate   Thee !
We shall observe  fasting,
On  Days ruled by Thee !
We shall  donate blue clothes,
To the needy, O Bhagavan!


We shall recite Thy   Greatness,
Extolled by the poets as Shani MAHATMYA,
We shall study Thy workings,
O Mighty,  Lord Saturn !
Malefic  Dasa occurred to Brahma,
To Shiva, Harischandra and Ravana
Remedial measures propitiate Thee,
We shall worship Thee at night.
Have mercy on us, O Justice Personified,
Have compassion on us, O Destiny Signified,
We believe in Thy Justice, O Planet of Nemesis,
Liberate us from mundane sorrow !
We will chant Thy Mantra ,
We shall fast on Thy Days,
We shall donate on Saturdays,
Making Saturday divine.
Blue Sapphire is Thy   Stone,
We shall energise it and wear it.
On a Waxing Moon Saturday,
In a state of pellucid purity.