The Traditional Medicine of Kerala, Nattu Vaidya


Kani Konna, Cassia Fistula, Vishu Flower   



Its leaves are laxative. Used in the treatment of insect bites, rheumatism, facial paralysis and swelling. Also in jaundice, piles, skin eruptions and ulcers. Its flowers are also purgative.Aphr


Brahmi, Bacopa monnieri



Aphrodisiac and an antidote to Alzheimers. Reduces discomfort. Anti- neuropathy. Reduces stress. It can boost cognition and protect against toxicity.

Lakshmi Tharu, Simarouba glouca


Known as Paradise Tree, Lakshmi Taru's leaves and leaf extracts are used in the treatment of cold, fever and dysentry.  An immunity booster.

Cancer Cure & Lakshmi Taru

Used in the treatment of tumors & cancer. Its decoction can reduce appetite loss, boost immunity and increase the quality of life in cancer patients. Anti bacterial. Anti tumorous. Reduces the size of tumors and secondary infections.

Chandan, Sandalwood   



Relieves acne, leucoderma, stomach ache, headaches, fever  etc. Removes wrinkles, prevents pimples, removes blackheads and promotes glowing skin. Oil on skin is erased. Sandalwood powder is used in religious rituals. Cures irritation and itching. Fights spots and is a good moisturizer. Cures ulcer and headaches. Stress remover & anti-depressive.


Ari Veppu, Azadirachta Indica   



This is a herb which heals. Heals wounds, is anti dandruff, removes eye trouble, is anti acne, cures ear ailments, skin disorders and boosts immunity.

Rakta Chandan, Red Sandalwood



Red Sandalwood  Used in the treatment of eye disorders, skin disorders, sexual disorders, for brightening the skin and to improve complexion. In Pitta disorders also.

Properties - It is Guru, heavy, Rooksha, dry, Tikta, bitter &  Madhura, sweet. Used  in emaciation, fatigue, toxic conditions, bleeding disorders, vomiting, fever & psychiatric disorders. 



Banana Stem Juice , Vazhapindi Neer



Anti diabetis, potassium rich, antihypertensive, iron rich, anti acidic, good for removing kidney stones, urinary tract cleaner, detox agent, digestive, anemia curer, weight loss generator is this wonderful juice.

Ash gourd Juice , Kumbalanga Neer



Since Ash gourd Juice has antioxidant properties, which inhibits gastro mucosal damage, Acid reflux is treated well, with its principles like sterols & glycosides.

Naturopaths averr that Kumbalanga Neer is a panacea for all illnesses.


Nandiar Vattam, Crape Jasmine





Anti helmintic, anti inflammatory & diuretic. Anti oxidant, which can curb free radicals.

Parijatam, Night Flower Jasmine

Anti pyretic & anti inflammatory, it is also known as Raat Ki Rani, the Queen of Nights. Used in the treatment of Malaria, Nausea, diarrhoea.   It checks rising body temperature caused by bile. Functions as an analgesic, as it reduces pain in arthritis, muscle tension, stress & rheumatism.  Anti alleric, anti bacterial and antiviral.

Used in the treatment of Vertigo, anxiety &  dandruff. Controls glucose levels.