A stands for  Advaitam Paramarthata,
That Absolute Reality is Non Dual,
Which can be experienced during Enlightenment,
Ya Sakshat Kurute Prabodha Samaye  Swatmanam eva Advayam !
A stands for Avyakta Namnee Paramesa Shakti,
That Unmanifest is the Power of the Lord,
Transcendental, generatrix of attributes triune,
She who projected the Universe.

Avyakta Namnee Paramesa Shakti
Anadya Vidya Trigunatmika Para
Kayanumai va Sudhiyaiva Maya,
Yatha Jagat Sarvam idam prasoote
A stands for   Advaita Amruta Varshini,
Imparter of Immortality, which is Non Dualism,
Nothing but the Mother Divine,
The Mother of All Scripturesss, Gita.
Advaita Amruta Varshineem Bhagavatem,
Ashta Dasa Adhyayineeym
A stands for Aditya Dasa Thanaya,
About the ace astronomer, Varaha Mihira,
Who was  a famous scientific philosopher,
Amongst the Nine Gems of King Vikramaditya !
A stands for Ankusamillatha Chapalyame,
Poetic Malayalam rquivalent of famous quote
"Frailty, Thy Name is Woman" of Shakespeare,
Backboneless Frailty, I call thee  Woman !
Ankusamillatha Chapalyame,
Mannil Angana ennu Vilikkunnu Ninne Njan !
Derogatory remarks about women have been made,
By poets and other literary  blokes
For instance, a Sanskrit poet defined Woman,
As the main hindrance to Heaven !
Swarga Dwarasya Vighnam
Naraka Poorayantam
Abaddha Samsayanam
Avinaya Bhavanam.
This was accentuated,
By Urvashi's revealation,
To King Purooravas,
That we women are cruel and evil.
In fact, Saastras advise
Not to entertain women,
Who are infested,
With too much negativity !
Vivada Sheelam Swayam Artha Chorineem,
Psranukoolam Pathi Dosha Bhashineem
Agresineem Anya Griha pravesineem
Bharyal tyajel putra prasoothika
Narikal Narikal
Visva Vipathinte
Naaraya  Verikal
Narakeeyagnikal !
Women, Women,
Nothing but Fires of Hell !
Root cause
Of all calamities !
But two great poets -Scott and Changampuzha,
Moved away from this negative slandering,
Gloryfing positive aspect of Women,
Arent mother, wife and sister - women ?
A  stands for Angel ministering thou,
Great lines by poet Scott.
When pain and anguish wring the brow,
A good ministering angel thou !
Changampuzha wrote
O Great Heart of Woman,
Thou art as sanctified as the Lotus divine.
When Life's problems overwhelm,
Thy caress is divine !
Even when blood is oozing,
Thou art Fortitude personified,
Bearing male eccentricity with fortitude,
Thou can challenge the greatest sufferer !
Vella thamara pol Vishuddhi Aniyum Stree Chithame !
Jevitham pollumbol amrutham thelichu tadvum sal santhwana swapname !
Mullettettu murinju raktam ozhukumbozhum puman
Unmada thallichekku sahichidum sahanata sangetame velloo nee !
A stands for Anantam Ajnatam Avarnaneeyam,
That magnificent verse by poet Nalapadan,
Which highlighted mortal ignorance,
And insignificance of Man before Eternity !
Anantam Ajnatam Avarnaneeyam,
Ee Loka Golam thiriyunna Margam
Athingal etho oridathirunnu,
Kanunna Martyan Kathayenthu Kandu !