Yoga for Overmind Poetry
Even though Venus signifies Poesis,
He who represents all sciences and arts is Jove.
Sakala Sastra Kalascha Deva,
As knowledge, worldly and divine is his prerogative !
Variricha Yoga is the Yoga for Overmind Poetry,
If two planets and the Ascendant lord.
Are either exalted or in own house, angular,
An Overmind Poet is born.
Brahma Jnana parayano bahumati,
Veda pradhano gunee
Hrushto Vaidika margatho na chalati,
Prakhyata SIshya Vraja

Venus in the Second made Aurobindo a poet,
But  Jove in the First made him an Overmind Poet.
Jove who represents the Divine Tertiary,
Of Mind, Overmind, Supermind Gnosis !

A stands for Adi Kavya, the First Poem, the Ramayana,
An Epic Poem of 18ooo verses,
Allegorical, symbolic of the Titanic inner war,
Where the Forces Nescience & Scientia, Avidya and Vidya meet in us.
Another Epic Poem is the largest, the Maha Bharata,
An Epic Poem of 100,000 verses,
Another allegorical poem about the major inner war,
Between Spirit and flesh, virtue and vice, prosperity and adversity
Epic Poetry is the Seventh Branch,
Amogst the seven branches of Poetry,
Others are the Pastoral, the Elegiac,
Iambic, anagogic, tragedy & comedy.
Itiha Asa, it so happened,
This is the term for Epic Poetry,
It differs from Mythology,
Pura api navam or Puranam.
The aim of Epic Poetry,
Is to adumbrate verities scientific,
Presented in a story form,
It depicts the mammoth inner struggle.
If an exalted planet rises,
Along with the Ascending Sign,
That is a sure Yoga
For Overmind Poetry.
In the case of Goether, Master Writer,
Exalted Saturn was rising with Ascendant.
In the chart of Aurobindo, another writer,
Exalted Jupiter was rising with Ascending Sign.
When such a Master Writer is born,
Who is immersed ocean of Being, Knowledge Bliss,
Mother and Motherland becomes grateful,
His tribe is glorified and Earth sanctified !
Kulam Pavithram Jananee Krithartham
Vasundhare Punya vathee cha thena
Ananda Sat Chit Sukha Sagaresmin,
Yasmin Para Brahmani yasyameta.
Melpathur begins his magnum opus,
Extolling the Spaceless and Timeless,
Which alone makes Space, Time possible
Kaladesavadibhyam, in Narayaneeyam.
Ever liberated and eternall Free,
Nirmuktam, Nitya muktam,
And the End Product of Esoterica,
Nigama shata sahasrena Nirbhasyamanam.
He extolls the Absolute Principle as Great,
Aspashtam Dhrishta matre purusharthatmakam Brahma Tatvam,
Revealing that he got inspiration and illumination,
From a Source greater than ordinary Mind !