The Medicine of India

Here we give info about some important medicinal plants of Ayurveda. Like other Saastras, Ayur Saastra  was cognised by Seers in Yogic flashes of heightened Consciousness. 

Chittamruth, Tinosporia cordifolia 



Used in the treatment of urinary tract disorders. Anti spasmodic, Anti inflammatory. An immunity builder. It is the Paracetamol of Ayurveda. The main ingredient in Amritarishtam.  As it is an antipyretic, it is used to control fever.


Malabar Nut, Justicia adhatoda , Aadalodakam




Anti-Asthma,  Anti Bronchitis, TB et al.  Antihelmintic, Anti septic & antispasmodic. Bronchodilator. 


Ventha Velichenna, Virgin Coconut Oil  


If you heat coconut milk , its color wil turn brown. That is the time to stop the heating process and what you get is Ventha Velichenna !  

How is Coconut Milk made? 

From grated coconuts. 

Previously, grated coconuts were put in a cloth and squeezed to get the coconut milk.


Karingali, Black Catechu  



Used in the treatment of skin diseases. anal fistula and bloodshot eyes.  Anti bacterial. Anti dermatitis. Anti diabetic


Nannari, Hemidismus indicus  



Used as a demulcent, to get relief from body pain. It cools the body. Deconstipating and an antacid. Anti inflammatory and used in the treatment of urinary tract disorders.


Ramacham Juice, Vetiver Juice. 



Its juice is a perfume by itself. It is a blood purifier and anti diarrheal. 

Vetiver beds give relief to patients suffering from rheumatism & back pain. Water purifier.

Siva Linga Flower, Cannon Ball Flower



Plant extract used to treat colds & stomach aches. Tree parts used to treat Malaria. Juice from leaves used to treat skin diseases. Bark used to cure colds. Pulp used to disinfect wounds. Tree part extracts can cure hypertension, inflammation & tumors.


Rasna , Alpinia galanga  


Used in the vitiated Vata Dosha cases. It is a good carminative and laxative. Anti- inflammatory and anti-microbial. It can cure many vata related disorders.


Naga Kesari, Mesua ferrea, Cobra Flower. 



Anti pyretic. Used in the treatment of urinary tract disorders. Used in the treatment of bleeding disorders, as it pacifies Pitta.

Ayamodukam, Ajwain, Carom Seeds


Ayamodukam contains a lot of essential oils like terpinine, pinene, limonene & thymol. Used in culiniary applications. Gives relief from indigestion and hyperacidity. Treats common cold well.e Used in the treatment of tooth & ear ache. Stops the greying of hair and it is used for cleaning wounds.


Induppu, Himalayan Rock Salt 



Moderate salt is needed for BP Management and fluid balance, even though in excess it can cause hypertension. Iodine deficiency can be avoided by taking in iodized table salt.

Naturopaths recommend using Rock Salt instead of Salt. And Green Chilli instead of Red Chilli.