The Eight Equations of Philosophia Perennis
The First Science gave birth to Seven Equations,
For the benefit of the world,
Cognised in the Sky of Consciousness ,
They are verities celestial !
Didnt Aldous Huxley call Indian Philosophy,
Philosophia Perennis, the Perennial Philosophy ?
Let us analyse equations which immortalised Shad Darshana,
On Himalayan heights divinely sang !

First Equation is that of Matter,
That Matter = Being, Padartham Brahma
Second Equation is that of Mind,
That Mind= Being, Manam Brahma.
Third Equation is that of Life,
That Life = Being, Pranam Brahma,
The Fourth Equation is that of Supermind,
That Supermind= Being, Vijnanam Brahma.
The Fifth is that of Bliss,
That Bliss= Being, Anandam Brahma.
Sixth that of Knowledge,
That Knowledge = Being, Tat Brahma.
Seventh is that of Absolute Existence,
That Existence = Being, Sat Brahma
All thse condensed is the form,
Prajnanam Anandam Brahma.
These Seven Equations generated,
Four Great Aphorisms,
I Absolute Am, That Art Thou,
Individual = Universal and Conscious Energy = Being.
But these equations are of the intellect,
What about the heart then ?
There is only one dialectic of the Heart,
And it is Love Eternal !
So the Eight Equation was revealed,
Absolute Self = Love,
This is the greatest Equation,
Premam Anandam Brahma !
These Eight Equations are  Eight Lessons,
For us in the Path Celestial !
Love is obviously the summum bonum,
Alpha and Omega of existence !
Did not Dante and Aurobindo
See Essence as One Perfect Whole,
And that Whole as nothing but Love,
Which expresses Him without revealing Him !
Did not these these two greats,
Penetrate into Mysteries of Trinity,
And experience Bliss transcendent,
Ecstasy of the Threefold Divine ?
Didnt these poets celestial,
Actualise the Absconding Divinity,
The Deus Absconditus of Bruno,
The Mighty Self of Indian Ontology ?
May the Revealer of the First Science,
The Primal Guru, make us actualise,
These Equations ,  Laws Eternal, 
So that we become One with Him !
Uthishta Veda Purusha,
Uthishta Vaagveeswara,
Uthishta Prema Sampoorna,
Trailokyam Mangalam Kuru.