Time, the Sole Doer

The Sole Doer is the Conscious Force,

Impelled by the compulsive flow Of Time,
Neither the Trinitarian Unity nor lord of heaven,
Can go against the indomitable Niyati, Universal Law.
Mulla Banari Mukundan Vidhatavum
Swarlokadhipati Bhogi Polum
Nilla Niyati kkethiram Viruddhamayi,
Ellam Kala Gathi Chit Prabhval.
A stands for Atomic Fission,
Uranium splits itself into Barium and Krypton,
Triggering chain reaction; critical mass is reached,
Initiating immense destruction !
A stands for Aham Akshaya Kalo, I am Time Inexhaustible,
As the destructive power is imbedded in the Atom,
So are the powers, creative, preservative and destructive,
Invested iin the womb of Almighty Time !
Aksharanam Akarosmi
Dwanda Samasikasya cha
Aham Akshaya Kalo
Dataham Vishvato Mukha
Einstein's greatest discovery,
Was discovery of Time as Fourth Dimension.
Minnowski advanced the Hypothesis
Of a Four Dimensional Space Time Continuum.
"Events do not occur, they are just there,
And we come across them,"
Sir Aurthur E Eddington averred,
About this formidable Space Time Continuum.
Lord Krishna equates Himself
With cosmic phenomenon of Time !
I am Time Eternal, He declares,
Aham Kala Asmi.
After the 24 Principles of Sankhya,
The 25th is Purusha, Purusha Pancha Vimsa,
And this Purusha is Time.
Ya Kala Pancha Vimsaka.
Time is the All Consuming ,
Power of the Absolute,
Prabhavam Paurusham Prahuh,
Averrs Kapila Gita.
He sports within as individual Self,
And outside as All Consuming Time.
The Lord of the Universe,
He moves all with His Power illusory.
Sankara saith, Never be egoistic,
For Almighty Time can destroy all.
Know this all this is mirrored in Mind Universal,
And   reach the altaltissimo of Self !
Ma Kuru Dhana Jana Youvana Garvam,
Harathi Nimeshat Kala Sarvam,
Mayamayam idam Akhilam Hitva,
Brahma Padam tvam pravisa viditva.
Bhartri Hari likened this world
To a game of Chess by Time.
With days and nights,
As alternating pieces of Dice,
On the grand chessboard of the world,
Time plays , with human beings as pawns.
Kala, kalyo Bhuvana palake,
Kreedathi Pranisare.
The poet Melpathur revealed,
That His true form is as Time !
Chakram Te Kala Roopam,
Thou art the Mighty Zodiac !
O Almighty Time Eternal,
Thy Movements are known only to Thee !
Bhagavan Kala Vedasya,
Gathim Bhagavato Nanu.
There is a Science which studies Time,
It is called Hora Sastra.
Based on Astronomy and Maths,
It is the only visible Science !
Thou art Known as Time,
Sound Absolute and Atom,
Sabda Brahmeti, Anu,
Kala Ityalapanti.
Srishti Stiti Samhar
Sab Kaal Kartha Hai
Lokanam Pralaya,
Udaya Sthiti Vibhu.
Kalena Srijyante
Palayante, Samhriyante,
Sab Kal Kartha Hai,
Kal Hai Easwar !
Supramental Dialectic averrs,
Life is a movement of the Eternal in Time,
Universe is one of the Rhythms of Brahman,
And all these are Becomings of the Self !