Absolute = A III

IThe First Becoming

Amongst letters, I am the letter A,
Amongst Samasyas, Dwanda,
Time Inexhaustible am I,
Creator's Faces Four, the Fourfold Veds !

Aksharanam Akara Asmi
Dwanda Samasikasya cha
Aham Akshaya Kalo
Data Aham Vishvato Mukha.

A stands for the Ashta Dasa Vidyas,
The 18 sciences of Indian Philosophy,
Also Ashta Dasa Kalas,
The 18 Arts of Philosophia Indica.

A stands for the Astro Physics triune,
The inseparable Astronomy, Maths & Astrology,
Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora,
The Thriskanda Jyotis Sastra.

Once upon a time, there was a King and Queen,
They had a Mercurial Prince and a Martial Minister,
They had 2 Ministers, one worldly and one divine,
And they had a melancholic messenger !

The Sun is the King and Moon is the Queen,
Rajanau Ravi Sheetagu
Mercurial Prince is Mercury
And Martial Minister is Mars !

Divine Minister is Jupiter,
Venus is the worldly Minister,
And the melancholy Messenger,
Is the planet of Time, Saturn.

Sing, Heavenly Muse, how,
Absolute Being became Relative Being,
How He became the Triad Eternal,
Of Jagat, Jiva and Para.

Universe, Ego and Supreme Relative,
For Self Delight or Rasa !
How He did not create the Universe,
But became the Universe !

He became all this that is.
Absolute is everywhere,
Every finite is an Infinite,
All this is Brahman !

How He became Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Multiverses, 
Giant Suns greater than ours,
Parallel Universes, galaxies and solar systems,
Black Holes, white holes , quasars et al.
How He became The Zodiac and Planets Nine,
To disseminate fruits of Karma
To all beings; Jeevanam Karma phalada,
Graha Roopi Janardhana !

How He created an Almighty Government,
In the heavens above,
Based on scientific principles,
And true to His reputation as the Great Geometer !

How He created a Celestial Court,
To implement Justice Divine,
With heavenly causes coinciding

With operation of natural causes.
With Destiny as Prosecution Counsel,
And Grace as Defence Counsel !
Vidhichidum Nyayapathadhipan Nee,
Mathicha Vada Prativadium Nee !

Sing, Poetic Deity, how One became Many,
The Many that is potentially One,
And the One which is actually Many,
For the sake of Leela or Self Play !

He did it for Self Delight, Rasa,
As He is defined as Raso Vai Sah
With Play, Player and Playground being He,
For the sheer bliss of that Self Creation!

Ours is the Theory of Becoming, not of Creationism,
Creationism is debunked by Evolution,
Which robbed man of a  great privilege,
The privilege of being specially created !

Becoming is scientific, Creation is not.
Becoming implies transformation and transmutation,
The Law of Conservation of Universal Energy,
Averrs that all is conserved, nothing is created or destroyed !

This Universe ineffugable,
Is pervaded by Me, the Unmanifest !
Maya tatam idam sarvam,
Jagat Avyakta Moorthina..

A stands for Anomaly,
Angle between Position and Perihelion,
First trignometric correction,
In computation of longitudes.
A stands for Arka Sphuta, Longitude of Sun,
First and most important calculation.
For, sun's longitude is deducted from Ecliptic Longitude,
In the Reduction to the Geocentric.
A stands for Anomaly Eccentric,
An auxiliary angle in Kepler's equations,
Kepler brought in this angle,
To calculate Anomaly True from Anomaly Mean.

A stands for Ardha Rasi Bhaveth Hora,
15= One Hour, Hora and as 360/15 =24,
There are 24 Horas in a day,
Chaturvimsati Smrithah !.