The Sacred Seven
What did Emerson mean
By the Sacred Seven ,
In his superb poem, Brahma,
Let us analyse the facts.
" The strong Gods pine for my Abode,
And pine in vain the Sacred Seven".
What is this Sacred Seven he was talking about?
And what is so sacred about Seven ?
Seven, we find is a mystic number.
And figures heavily in Esoterica,
The seven horses carrying the Sun,
Symbolically are VIBGYOR.
Seven are the Cardinal Virtues,
Seven are the Liberal Arts,
Quadrivium and Trivium,
Constitute Arts Liberal Seven !
Seven are the sciences,
Which constitute Western Dialectics !
Seven are the Deadly Sins,
Classified by Dante.
The sevenfold mode of Cosmic Existence,
Are the Septenary Principles of Substance,
With Being the First and Matter, the Last,
They constitute the Reality of the Existent !
Not only are they One in Reality,
But inseparable in the sevenfold variety of action,
These then are the Seven Colours of Divine Consciousness,
The Seven Rays of the Infinite.
The Light, the Sound is One,
Their Action is sevenfold.
First Three Names of the Nameless,
Are Being, Knowledge and Bliss !
Supermind is the Fourth Name,
Other Names being the Lower Trilogy,
That of Life, Mind and Matter,
That of Prana, Mana and Padartha !
Evolution of Sevenfold Being,
Actualisation of Its Septuple Name,
Is the Goal of Evolution,
Terrestrial and Celestial !


" The Lower Trilogy of Life, Mind and Matter,
Are nothing but the subordinate action powers.
Of the Divine Quarternary,
Existence, Consciousnees, Beatitude & Supermind."
" Supermind is the Alpha and Omega,
Origin of all Unification,
Originative, executive and consummative,
In all realisable harmonies" !
Seven are the Octaves of Music, Sapta Swaras,
Seven are the Days of the Week, Sapta Varas,
Their names deriving from the Seven Revolving Heavens,  Sapta Grahas,
Seven are the Concentric Sheaths, Sapta Koshas.
Seven are the Pranas, Sapta Pranas,
Sapta Prana Prabhavanti Tasmat,
Seven are the Rishies, Ursa Major
And seven are their Wives,  Pleiades or Karthika.