The Bharat Muni Hypothesis

The Sorcery of  the Seven Octaves,
O Music, Thou pervadest everywhere !
The Carrier of the  Seven Notes,
All dissolve in Thee !

Food  for the Soul, they say,
About the  mighty Art of  Music !
It is the Seventeenth Science in the Indian
Gandharvo Veda eva cha.           .

Confluence of three sciences
Instrumental(Music),Lyrics and Dance,
Sangeeta is in its own
A mighty science indeed.
Music can give the Non Dual Experience
Music can give the Divine Realisation
Music is Nada Yoga, Union via Sound,
No wonder it is in Quadrivium.

Advaitha Siddhiki Amaratva labhdiki

Gaaname   Sopanamoo

Music is an  intuitive process,
Musical faculties are in everyone.
Musical faculties can be manifested,
By certain techniques yogic.

O Deity  of   Music,
The Seven Octaves of Music,
Are the veins of Musicology.    
Give it to me, says one verse.

Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa Devi Nin
Sangeeta Kala Dhamanikal
Enikku Taroo

Venus represents Lyrics,
Kaveenam Usana Kavee.
He symbolises Musica Sacra,
Kavya and Vagvilasa.

Lyrics is derived from Lyre,
Nothing but  Poetry it is !
Lyrics are written by Poets,
Making music divine.

The Beloved of Swati Tirunal,
(Musician-monarch of yore),
Whom the great savants,
Awakened from Her superconscient slumber.

All Mudras of the Royal Kathakali,
Sprang from the Greatest Art !
Verses, resembling Ruby & Coral,
Blossomed in Intuitive Mind.

The verses of this Royal Art,
Were echoed by Rivers Three,
Pampa, Periyar and Bharata Puzha,
Making them immortal!