A stands for Avibhakta, the Undivided,
The Undivided, as if in things divided,
Avibhaktam cha Bhooteshu,
Vibhaktamiva cha sthitam.
A stands for Apocalypsis,  Revealation,
It pleased the Celestial Deity, thru Homer,
To bequeth to us all Knowledge,
Wisdom pure, both natural and moral.
A stands for Anadi Madhyanta Atma,
The Beginingless Self without end,
Adi Madhyanta Rahita,
Atma Sarvagatho Bala.
A stands for Apocalyptic, Revealatory,
Revealation, being the first of the four faculties,
Of the Intuitive Reason, averrs Aurobindo,
Revealation, Inspiration, Intuition & Illumination.
A stands for Atma Anatma Vicharam,
Discrimination between Self & Non Self,
Known as Prajna in the First Science,
Symbolised as Arjuna fighting against forces evil.
A stands for Annapoorne Sada Poorne,
Sankara Prana Vallabhe,
The Divine Conscious Force who is eternally full,
And the Provider for all, as Anna Poorneswari.

A stands for Agnim Ile Purohitam

The First Verse of the Rig Veda,
Rig deriving from Richa, Knowledge,
Knowledge which is structured in Consciousness.
A stands for Agni Saura, Solar Fire in Matter,
A phenomenon hitherto undiscovered by Science,
Science has discovered fires ordinary & electric,
The Atomic Planetary Model may lead to its discovery.
A stands for the Atomic Planetary Model,
Both planets and electrons move in elliptical orbits.
Atoms resemble the Solar System,
And this may lead Science to knowledge of Fire Solar.
A stands for Aridra, Betelguese,
Alpha Orionis, Hand of Orionis,
A red supergiant, 800 x our Sun,
And known as Thiru Athira.
A stands for Antares, Jyeshta,
Another red supergiant nearing supernovae explosion.
Called Jyeshta because of its old age,
And 700 x larger than our Sun.
A stands for Atri, the First Sage,
Amongst Seven Sages, Sapta Rishies,
Atri, Angiras, Marichi,
Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu and Vasishta.