The Kanada Hypothesis, 

The Fivefold Atomic Theory

The Fivefold Atomic Theory,
That Matter comprises five types of Atoms
Was promulgated first by Kanada,
Leading exponent of Vaisesika 

The terrene atoms, the aquaeous, igneous,
The Aerial and the etheric,
Constitute Pancha Bhootatmaka Anu Jagat,
The Fivefold Atomic Universe.

The Atom is a classic example,
Of the Law of Coincidence of Contraries
As Opposites coexist in Reality,
Which reveals the All in All !

Positive and negative particles exist,
Anu Dau paramanu syath
And along with the particle neutral
Thrisaranu Traya Anava Smritha!

Scientific truths are known to Poetry
Intuitive Mind reveals them all !
Science cannot understand Poetry,
But Poetry knows itself and Science !

He was defined as Atom by poet Melpathur
And as Time Inexhaustible and Karma
Shabda Brahmeti Karmethi Anu
Iti Bhagavan Kala Ityalapanti.

Thou art Sound Absolute,
The Cause of Cosmos entire,
The Self of the Upanishads,
And Vikriti and Moola Prakriti !