Sing, Heavenly Muse, how the movement of Conscious Force,
Is Fourfold; Involution, Evolution, Involution, Devolution !
From Becoming to Being is Evolution, vice versa is Devolution,
And the state of containing everything formless, Involution !
This fourfold movement is He ! Himself, the Play,
Himself the Player, Himself the Playground.
He, outside Space, Time and Causality,
Existing as Pure Being, Pure Consciousness,
The Silence Great wherein everything is,
Gathered in a state of Involution,
Contained , yet formless,
Ready to start the Cycle of the Fourfold Motion !
This is His Play with the infinities of Existence,
And the magnificence of Wisdom,
Creating and recreating Himself in Himself,
For the sheer Bliss of that Self Creation !
Julian Huxley defined Evolution,
As the realisation of intrinsic possibilities,
Of living Substance; and the entire story,
Of Evolution is the story of Becoming  !
Becoming rediscovering Him,
And trying to reincarnate Him everywhere !
She seeking Him and after finding Him,
Merges in Him entire !
Sing, O Deity of Eloquence, how Evolution,
Is the Edifice, upon which two,
Formidable philosophies are built !
Aurobindo's and de Chardin's !
Aurobindo averred that Self Actualisation,
Is the  Goal of this relativistic life !
De Chardin said the same but used a different term,
Christ Omega, for the ultimate state.
Life is full of dire vicissitudes,
In the midst of transitory satisfaction,
And to find the Infinite Freedom,
Is the Evolutionary Goal of Nature !

Which will convert our obscure mentality,
Into a plenary Supramental illumination !
Earth becomes sanctified, family is graced by Fame,
And Mother and Motherland will rejoice !
And what is this Infinite Freedom ?
The Eternal Truth and the Eternal Paradox,
Of a Divine Life in an animal body,
This body is for Self Actualisation !

( Sareeram Adyam Khalu
Dharma Sadhanam )
My supreme appetite,
Is the Evolutionary Appetite
And my greatest Need,
Is the Superpersonal Need, saith Shaw.
The Vedas describe Involution thus
In the beginning, darkness was hidden by darkness,
And all this was one inconscient sea of incoherence!
Everything was contained in an unmanifest form,
Universal Substance was occulted by fragmentation !
Aseetitam Thamobhootam,
Aprajnata Alakshanam,
Apratharkam Avijneyam,
Prasuptamiva Sarvada.
What is called Natural Selection,
Is Survival of the fittest !
Or preservation of favored races,
In the struggle for life ! 
Devolution is the eternal Passage,
Of Being to Becoming,
The exact reverse of Evolution,
Which is from Becoming to Being !

At the altaltissimo of this curve devolutive,
Supramental Truth Consciousnes is ready!
Containing within it, in an unmanifest form,
All the eternal Possibilities of the Becoming.

The Adventure of Consciousness begins,
In trillions of forces, Supramental Truth Consciousness,
Is let loose, each of which, in turn,
Will seek to actualise itself absolutely !
The Poet Melpathur described Involution thus
At Start, all was neither manifest nor unmanifest,
When all the triune attributes of Nature dissolved in Thee !
Neither Day nor Night existed, neither Death nor Birth, then
Thou alone existed, as Absolute Bliss, Absolute Knowledge, Absolute Being !
Incarnations of Love
The Seven Cardinal Virtues,
Are Manifestations of Love !
And so are the Seven Liberating Arts,
Moved by that Motivator, Love !
The glorious Sciences Eighteen,
Are Manifestations of Love,
And so are the Eternal Arts eighteen,
With the stamp of Love in them !
Manifestations of Love are Eighteen,
Mythological treatises, eighteen,
Siddhantas, Samhitas and Horas eighteen,
And EIghteeen Smritis and Upasmritis !
The Twelve Liberating Arts of Kerala,
Are all incarnations of Love,
Emanating from the Ultimate Love,
Sarva Kala Prabhavanti Tasmat !