A stands for Art, Literature and Poetry,
Defined as the Generator of Bliss, Al Ahalada iti kala,
Defined by Dante as the Grand Child Of Deity,
And by Michelangelo as divine !
Literature is the Rise and Flow of Eternal Wisdom,
But the Arts Artium, the Art of Arts is Poetry,
Also the scientia scientiarum, the Science of all Sciences,
Defined as divine by Shelly, as the Center of Wisdom.
The Circumference and Centre,
Of all knowledge, mundane and supramundane,
All verities scientific, musical and dialectical,
Are known to this mighty Kavya Sastra !
How did the poet, Longfellow,
Know about Substance being conserved,
All Septenary Principles conserved,
Known as the Law of Conservation of Energy Universal?
Nothing that is shall perish utterly,
But shall revive again,
As clouds restore through rain,
The exhalations of the land and the sea !
How did the Indian poets,
Know about aeroplanes,
Pushpaka Vimanas and others,
Long before its invention ?
Poetry should initiate us,
Into Philosophy, said Plutarch.
In the Occident, they may be different,
But in the Orient, they are One.

There is no Philosopher,
Who is not a Poet,
Na Rishee Kavih,
Says a Great Vakya.
Poetry can survive Cosmological Cycles,
Kavyam Kalpantara sthayee.
The poet is he, in whom the Holy Spirit ,
Of man is most Godlike, said Shaw.
World Poetry, fulness of generation of Beauty,
Has been enhanced by the Wisdom of the Heavens,
Homer, Dante and Marlowe,
Referred to Arcturus, Orion and the Pleiades.
This Wisdom of the Heavens,
Based on the sciences of Magnitude & the Heavens,
Was considered by one of the greatest poets, Dante,
As the greatest science sublunar !
While the Eternians called Jove,
Dyo Pitah, the Father of the Heavens,
Marlowe called him the monarch of the sky,
And as the handsomest Greek Deity !
" Brighter art thou than flaming Jupiter,
Ere he appeared before hapless Semele,
More lovely than the monarch of the sky,
In wanton Arethuza's azured arms !
Dante remarks that he came to the foot of a Noble Castle,
Encircled with the Seven Lofty Walls,
With seven mighty gates,
And defended by a fair rivulet.
Noble Castle stands for Philosophy.
Seven Walls are the Seven Cardinal Virtues,
Seven Gates are the Seven Liberal Arts,
And the Rivulet, silver tongued Eloquence !
Dante shares his experiences thus
"The aspect of thy son, Hyperion (Sun)  I there endured.
How Maia and Dione dance about and near them,
The tempering of Jove  with his father anc child,
( The temperate Jupiter amidst the hot Mars and chill Saturn !)