Hath He not promised ?
Hath He not promised both Bhukti and Mukti,
Bliss mundane and supramundane, terrestrial and celestial,
As His Shakti has been defined,
As Bhukti Mukti Pradayini?
Hath He not promised Self Actualisation,
Which has been achieved by the mediocre,
So why not Initiates and Philosopher Kings, He asks,
Kim Punarbrahmana Punya Bhakta Rajarshayasthada?
Did He not declare that Integral Yoga,
Is the Art of Conscious Self Finding ?
Its result is Self; seek and thou shalt have,
Trust and thy trust shalt be justified !


Hath He not blessed our beginning,
Deo Favente Perennis?
Hath He not promised World Peace,
As Peace is man's essential nature ?
Hath He not promised that India,
Will be extolled as the Guru of all nations ?
As India with Her Sastraic knowledge,
Can provide the much needed Wisdom !
Hath He not promised success,
In this hard battle of Life ?
Declaring that Life, not an ecstatic Beyond,
Life alone, is the field of  our Yoga !
Hath He not promised destruction,
Of our enemies outer?
As destruction is imminent,
Where Envy fangs her claws !
Hath He not promised destruction,
Of our enemies inner?
" I have destroyed them all, as Time,
Arise and enjoy the Celestial Kingdom" !
Hath He not promised the Divine Crown,
Highest Ascension of Self Actualisation,
For which Grace alone is needed,
Grace which maketh the dumb speak !
Nothing else is needed,
My Grace is sufficient for thee
Love all beings,
That is enough !

As the highest education & culture are Love,
The noblest synthesis and the highest civilization,
And as all verities, scientific and philosophic,
Are vested in the language of the Heart !

So let us not judge Him by feeble sense,
But trust in His Grace !
Behind all this suffering and strife,
His smiling face can be seen !

As all this is willed by the Self,
In totality and perpetually entertained.
He is creating and recreating Himself in Himself,
For the sheer bliss of that Self Creation !
Mangalam Prema Roopaya
Mangalam Shanti Dayine
Mangalam Pada Pujyaya,
Mangalam Loka Mangalam !