The power of Sound invoked,
Is called Music Therapy
The healing power of Divine Sound invoked
Is called Sacred Music Therapy.
Illnesses like Parkinsons are caused,
By deficiency of Dopamine.
Dopamine and Serotonin are bliss chemicals,
Hence lack of Bliss is the cause.


Bliss can be generated by Bhajans,
As they are Songs Divine generatng Bliss,
This Bliss can permeate the whole body,
Transforming it entire.

Knowing the psychotherapeutic effects,
Of Music, the Seer Poets recommended,
Music Sacred as a form of Therapy,
An integral part of the Eternal Law.
By Heaven of Mars, Dante meant Knowledge of Music,
Music,in its role as Psycho Therapy,
This tradition has existed in India always,
As Bhajans, associated with Bhakti Yoga.

By Heaven of Jupiter, Dante symbolised Knowledge of Geometry,
Without which none can comprehend Classical Philosophy,
The Knowledge of which was prerequisite to Superconscient Wisdom,
As the mighty Divine Geometricises, Deus Geometrisat !

By Saturnine Heaven, Dante meant astronomic Knowledge,
The Knowledge of which of is needed for knowing Universe
Its branch, Cosmology, deals with the Universe,
And the Science used by Great Geometer for structuring.Universe.

By the Heaven of Mercury is meant Knowledge of Dialectic,

Which is the cause of Antinomic Reason,
Which is responsible for Thesis and Anti Thesis,
Or Logic, the science, regulative principles of thought.

By Venusian Heaven, Italy's greatest  poet meant Knowledge of Rhetoric,
The rationale and practice of eloquence,
Symbolised in Wisdom as a fair rivulet,
Which defends all intuitive sciences and arts !




Glorious Suprabhatams came from the South,

Superb Aaratis  came from the North,
Amritavanis, Gayatris & Stotras,
Made Bhajans  a great  transcendental experience.