A stands for Avyaktam Brahma, the Unmanifest is Brahm,
The Basis of Existence, the Substratum of All That Is,
The Unmanifest which pervade the Universe,
Maya Tatam Idam Sarvam Jagat Avyakta Moorthina.
All derive from the Unmanifest,
They exist in the Unmanifest,
They merge back into the Unmanifest,
That Unmanifest is Brahm !
Yato imani bhootani jayante,
Yena Jathani jeevanthi,
Yat prayatyapi samvishanti,
Brahm iti abhideeyate !
During Evolution, all proceed
From the Unmanifest
They merge back into the Unmanifest,
During Involution !
Avyaktat vyaktaya sarva
Prabhavante Haragame
Ratryagame Praleeyante,
Prabhavatya Haragame !
Avyakta has different meaning in different contexts,
In Vedanta, Avyakta means equilibrium of three gunas,
Rajas, Tamas and Satra and Nature goes into its divine nature,
When these triune attributes are in equilibrium !
Thy Form is Unmanifest, Avyaktam Te Swaroopam,
Melpathur told the Lord  of the Universe,
Difficult to know or understood, above Sattva,
In Shuddha Satwa, and vague to all !
Thy manifest form, on the contrary,
Is beloved to all, to Thy devotees,
The Quintessence of Beauty divine,
And which tantalises the mind,
A stands for Ambuja Sambhava Priyatamam Vag Devata Siddhaye,
The Prayer invoking the Deity of Wisdom, Poetry and Music,
Please dance on my tongue, O Mighty Mother,
Mother of all pervading Music and all knowing Poetry.
A signifies Adyam Ananta Atta Porulum, the Endless Essence,
Quintessential Substance without Beginning, Middle or End,
Statements from Cosmic , Universal Awareness,
That I am the Universe and the stars thereof !

A stands for Avyaktam Margayantha, about rugged Path to Unmanifest,
Which is difficult and conducive to sorrow, Avyaktahi gathir Dukham,
And Bhakti Yoga has been prescribed as the simplest and best,
And far better than the other Three in Fourfold Yoga !
A stands for Aham Gayatri Chandas,
Amongst poetic meters, I am the Gayatri.
Gayatri is that which protects the chanter
And amongst many poetic meters, Gayatri is He !
A stands for Aham Margaseersha, the lunar month,
The month in which the divine Athira Dance was born,
Kerala beauties danced their way to divine glory,
In snowy Margazhy, invoking the mighty Lord Shiva !
A stands for Anshuman Jyothisham Aham,
Amongst the luminaries, I am the Sun.
Without the King of the Solar Logas ,
Life on earth is not possible !
A stands for Ashta Dasa Puraneshu
The Mythological Treatises Eighteen,
The Quintessence of which is ,
Helping is Merit, Hurting is Demerit

Ashta Dasa Puraneshu
Yaduktam Grantha Kodibhi
Paropakara Punyaya,
Papaya Para Peedanam
Ashta Dasa Puranathal
Vyasan Chonnathu randu than
Paropakarame Punyam,
Papamo Para Peedanam
A stands for Aham Akhilam Niranja Niravil, I am the All Pervading Essence,
Another Statement in Cosmic Consciousness,
When the babe soul reposes on the bosom of that Mighty Being,
Thou become That, if therewithin thou lose thee !
A stands for Anaoraneeyan Mahatho Maheeyan,
The Self, which is subtler than the subtlest,
And greater than the greatest,
The pure Being, by whom all things be !
A stands for Aham Chidakasham,
The Sky of Consciousness am I,
A signifies Aditya Chandradiyum,
The stars and constellations divine.
A  indicates Aham Jnathru Jnana Jneya,
Knowledge-Knower-Known am !,
A stands for Ariyunnavan Aham Brahmame,
That he who knows this is Brahm Himself !
A stands for Aumkara Panchaka sukhee,
The monosyllable AUM, which symbolize,
The Four States of Consciousness,
The Transcendental Note being the Fourth !
A stands for Agami Dina Mayoori,
Agamas are the different religions,
A stands for Aryam Antar Vibhavayet Gauri,
The Noble Lady in Heaven, the Mother Divine.

A stands for Allah, the All Merciful,
The Arabic term for Deity,
Also Alhentunilla,
All Glory is Thine, O  Lord of Worlds !

A stands for Agnus Dei, the Lamb of God,
Which taketh away sins of this world.
Ecce Agnus Dei,
Qui tollit peccata mundi !