A stands for Asus & the Sexagesimal Division of Day,
An Asu = 4 seconds, and a day is divided by 60 parts,
6 Asus = 1 Vinadi and 60 Vinadi = 1 Nadis and 60 Nadis maketh a day,
Or a day is 24 hours = 1440 minutes = 86400 seconds = 21600 Asus !
A stands for Asus and the Affirmation of Divinity,
Man's inhalation and exhalation is in the form Soham, I am He !
Since the Life Span of Breath = 1 Asu,
Man unconsciously Affirms his DIvinity, saying Soham, 21600 times a day !

 A stands for Asus and Aharyal Brahmano Vidu,
From 4 seconds, Indian computation goes upto 4.32 billion years,
Which is One Day of the Creator, Brahma,
1000 Equinoctial Cycles of 43, 20000 years = One Brahma Day.
Sahasra Yuga Paryantam,
Aharyal Brahmano Vidu,
Ratrim Yuga Sahasrantam,
Te Ahoratra Vido Janah.
A stands for Age Cycles,
An Age Cycle = 30 *72 = 2160 years.
One Equinoctial Cycle = 2000 Age Cycles.
One Cosmological Cycle = 2 million Age Cycles.
A stands for Aquarian Age, New Age,
The Scientific Age of Enlightenment,
Jesus was the Redeemer of the gone Piscean Age,
The Piscean Age is gone, Jesus is gone !
A stands for Asta Dasa Jyotisastra Pravartaka,
The Eighteen Founding Fathers of this celestial science,
Who composed 18 Horas, 18 Siddhanta and 18 Samhitas,
And integrated the Sciences of the Heavens & Magnitude.

Soorya Pitamaha Vyaso Vasishto Atri Parasara

Lomasa Paulasaschaiva Yavano Chyvano Bhrigu

Kasyapo Narado Gargo Mareechir Manu Angiras

Asta Dasadaschaiva  Jyotisastra Pravartaka

A stands for Anomaly Manda,
Angle between Position and Aphelion,
Also for Anomaly Vipata,
Angle between Position and Node.
A stands for Anomaly Sheeghra,
Andle between Position and Sun
A stands for Ascension Right,
Angular distance along Celestial Equator.
A stands for Ascenscion Oblique,
Angular distance along the Ecliptic.
A stands for Ascensional Difference, Chara,
Difference between Right & Oblique Ascensions.

A stands for the Anomalistic Period,
The circuit made by a plenet,
The 360 day journey of the planet,
From Perihelion Point to Perihelion Point.

A stands for Ahargana, days elapsed from Kali Yuga Start,
Kali Yuga started from 18 Feb, 3102 BCE.
Ahargana works out be 1871115 on 01012022,
And Ephemeris software computes Ahargana for each day.
In order to compute the Luni Solar Calander, Saka Era,
Compute Kalyad Ahargana first,
Ahargana on 07042016 was 1869021,
And it was 1938 Era in the Luni Solar Calender.
In order to compute the Vikram Samvat,
Add 56+78 to the Saka Era.
Then you get the Vikramaditya Era,
Also luni-solar.

This formidable number, Ahargana,
Is the basis of all Indian Calculations,
In order to compute Buddhist Era,
Compute both Buddhist and Kalyad Aharganas.
Find out the difference of both Aharganas,
Find out the Kalyad Ahargana for the day.
Deduct the difference form Kalyad Ahargana,
And divide the figure by 365.25
In order to find out the Masonic Era,
Add 4000 to the Gregorian,
Result is the Masonic Era,
In the AL, Year of Light, Anno Lucis.