How Karma shapes Destiny

Man transgresses Eternal laws
And wonders when Fate chastises !
We know evil and resist good,
But the Law always has its way.

When a man performs action,
Positive and Negative effects incur,
In this fight between Conscience
And Expedience, making balancing difficult.

What is Sacred Balance ?
It is Art of Balancing,
Material and Spiritual,
Expedience and Conscience.

Three types of Karma are formed,
Drida, Adrida and Dridadrida,
Represented in Philosophy and Astro
As Sins, Prarabda, Agami and ,Sanchita,

Three Astro Systems of Prediction,
Dasa, Gochara and Ashtaka Varga,
Represent these Three Karmas,
And are diagnostic tools in prognostication.

Dasa system represents Drida,
Gochara system represents Adrida,
Ashtaka Varga system represents Dridadrida,
In the threefold karma classification.

A crime, committed with malice aforethought,
Generates Drida,Prarabda Karma !
Which is shown in horoscope as Dasa,
Which indicates ineluctable results.

So inevitable effects are signified by Dasa,
Its suffering due to premeditated crimes.
The Self within is non responsible,
And the native continues to suffer !

That which cannot be cured
Must be endured !
Showing that even Lord will not forgive,
Cold blooded crimes.

On the contrary, for manslaughter,,
The Law, we know , is not so rigid.
Such crimes are Adrida,
And represented by Gochara / Transit.

Absolute Reality became Relative Reality,
Universal Love became planets and Zodiac,
To dispense the Universal Justice of Karma,
And to uphold Universal Justice, which He is !

And He created the Twelve Tribes of Zion,
Emblematic of the Twelve Houses of Zodiac,
The Twelve Solar and Lunar months of Hindu Calendar,
And the Twelve Suns of Indian Astronomy.

The only language in which He speaks to Man,
Is the Language of the Heavens !
So,Science and Wisdom of Heavens, Astronomy and Astrology,
Assume great importance in superconscient learning.