The Science of Time,


Jyotir Kapa Niruktam cha
Shiksha Vyakaranam thadha
Chando vichitiretani
Vedangani vidu srute
Siddhanta is Science of Heavens
Hora is the Science of Time
And along with Samhita
They constitute Hindu Astro Physics!
This Astro Pysics was developed
By the Seer Poets of India
To find out auspicious time
And to eschew time inauspicious
Jyoti Sastram Vadathatrya
Kaalam Vaidika Karmanam.
The Science of Definition, Nirukta,
Was developed by Yaska
( And is known as Yaska Niruktam )
Aim to define concepts Vedic
Vasti Tasya Niruktam tu
Veda Nirvachanam Sphutam

The Absolute Self as Wisdom Eternal
Is the concept of Veda Purusha !
The Absolute Self as Time Eternal
Is the concept of Kala Purusha !

The Absolute Self as Space Eternal
Is the concept of Vishwa Purusha !
As Education Personified,
he is known aas Vidya Purusha !

Shiksha is Phonetic Directory,
Art of Pronunciation
Shiksha Shishyayati Vyaktam
Vedocharana  Lakshanam
Grammar is Vyakarana
And is defined as Sabda Sastra,
The Science of Sound,
Grammar is all in all.
Vasti Vyakaram Tasya
Samhita Pada Lakshanam.
Ceremonial is Kalpa
Deals with Architecture
And procedures for rituals,
For Yajnas and Homas
Kramam Karma prayoganam
Kalpam tatra prachakshate.

Poetic Meters are Chandas
And is Sanskrit Prosody.
Mantroksharanam Sankhyokta
The Concept of Wisdom Eternal, Veda Purusha
These sciences six
Adorn His Body Divine !
From 0  Ariies to 360 Pisces
He lies as the mighty Ecliptic

Kranti Vritta means the Slanted Circle,
Implying the Obliquity of the  Ecliptic
Sheegrocha means Acceleration
Of planets at Perihelion !
Mandoccha means Deceleration
Of planets at Aphelion
The Circle of Celestial Light
Was deified as the Bha Chakra !

Chandau Pada, Sabda Saastram cha Vaktram,
Kalpam Vanee, Jyothisham Chakshushee cha
Shiksha Ghranam, Srothamuktam Niruktam
Vedasya Anga, nyevamahur Muneedra.
Poetic Meters are His Legs,
His Face, Sabda Sastra, Grammar,
His Voice, Kalpa, and Eyes, Jyotis,
Nose, Phonetics and His Ears, Definition Science !
These sciences six
Are the Eternal Limbs
Of Wisdom Personified,
Averr the Silent Ones !