Greatest  Mantra
Who am I   is the greatest mantra,
Where are we headed, the greatest query,
What is our place, greatest enquiry,
And we shall win, the greatest resolution.
Bhakti Yoga has been defined,
As enquiry into nature of Self,
Swaswaroopasya Anusandhanam
Bhaktiriti Abhideeyathe
I is the Primal Thought
I am, therefore I think.
And not the Cartesian,
I think, therefore I am.    
The Base Thought of all thoughts
Is Aham, the I thought,
It is the Self in Reality,
And all thoughts are based on It.
That is why It is extolled,
As the Light of all Lights,
Shining beyond Nescience,
Jyotisham api tat Jyoti.
It is simply the Witness,
Witnessing all  three states,
Essential, transcendental, It is,
The Self Knower & All Knower.
It is not born, nor does It  die,
It doth not change at all,
Birthless, Everlasing, Eternal, Ancient,
It knoweth no destruction.
Its unmanifest nature, Pure Consciousness,
Is present in all its manifestations !
All It sees and it is All That sees,
It is all Becomings and exceeds All.
Inconceivable It is
To Mind defining.
Intellect knows it not
And It words cannot  express !  
It the Sun cannot express
Nor Moon nor  Stars
Neither Fire, nor Lightning,
Through It they shine !
Sacred Life Force,
Which animates Cosmos
Trans psychic, trans verbal,
It is beyond language !
It can be experienced
All  Yogic techniques aim
At finding and  becoming IT
Uninterrupted by phenomenal flux,
It remains unaffected, FREE
IT doth not need any freedom,
As nothing mundane can affect it !
In which everything is born,
In which everythng exist,
In which everything will merge,
It is the living, lordly Self.
Entire drama of Life,
Is Willed by IT,
And entertained,
Hence its childlike laughter !