Namaste means I salute,
Divinity in you, me and all,
That indwelling Vox Dei,
Which exist in all !

Namaste India was what,

President of Taiwan said,
At the emergence of elephant belligerent,
Ready to take on any adversary.
The Western world had thought,
That India would send an SOS,
To the US to bail her out,
From the bullying of China.
India, on the contrary, fired China,
For her expansionism,
Which made her involved in disputes,
Territorial with eight nations !
Notorious are China and Pak,
As they figure in the black list,
Of nations violating freedom religious,
Published by United States !
India had lost territories to both,
To these rogue nations,
India was not strong militarily,
When POK, Aksai Chin & Tibet were annexed.
The West saw it as Indian weakness,
And opined that India was ruled by fools,
I remember a British Manager in Jebel Ali,
Saying words to that effect.
Congies bungled foreign policy,
Because of pseudo Secularism,
And pseudo Socialism,
Which made Ind lean to the Left !
Nehruvian Socialism had made it,
And India became a laughing stock,
A non aligned nation of the Soviet bloc,
And a proxy of Russia !
Then Japan said she will not invest,
As India was too pro Soviet & protectionist,
America told India to have better relations,
WIth a sister democracy, Israel !
When nationalists came to power,
India moved closer to US & Zion,
Military pact with US was made,
Making India prime ally of the US.
The Rape of Tibet is a popular book,
By Antony Mascarenhas,
In it, he described in detail,
How a divine nation was conquered by dogmatists !
India then watched helplessly,
When fundamentalists and dogmatists,
Took away her territories,
And Dalai Lama was driven away.
Terrorism and expansionism must be rooted out,
And China & Pak have to face a belligerent elephant.
The entire Western world is with India,
As well as many Eastern nations.
Now India is on the correct track,
Doing its role as the World's Redeemer,
International policemen is US,
And Russia, the Judge !
America made it clear,
That India should lead Asia !
Chinese totalitarianism is coming to an end,
And India will lead Asia !
Japan, Taiwan, UK, US,
Are all happy with New India.
The Elephant has risen,
And has started to walk !
If India liberates Tibet,
Millions can be saved,
The expenses for an army,
On the Indo Tibetan border !