Sarva Dharma Samabhava / Ecumenism/ Syncretism


Sarva Dharma Samabhava,

Known  as Ecumenism/ Syncretism,
Is the Base of World Religion,
The Universal Law / Vishva Dharma.
HG Wells wrote about World Religion,
As Shaw and Russell wrote about World Govt.
HG  wells predicted that NAM, New Age,
Is the world religion which will reign.
World  Govt was established in 1976.
By Mahesh Yogi, at Seelisburg,   Switzerland.
In   response to the call of Time,
A Global Organisation was structured.
 Said He "  Through the window of Science,
We see the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment
The non political non religious W G,
Has expertise to bring Extropy !
Only One  Religion exists, said Shaw,
Though its hundred thousand interpretations,
Grace humanity; there is only one language,
And it is the language of the heart, said Sai.
New Age is the World Religion,
Prophesied by HG wells to reign
The Coming Redeemer is Lord Maitreya,
Who will  incorporate all Redeemers!
He is the Imam Mahdi, the Bodhisatva,
He is the Second Christ, the Kalki Avatar,
He is the Messiah of the Initiates, Jews,
He is the Emblem of Universal Friendship !
Maitreya means Friendship Universal,
And Friendship is based  on Love,
So Maitreya implies Intellectual Love,
Th greatest quality which alone can redeem !
Purpose of Church, Theology,
Is purification of Man.
Church is not to teach man,
Mysteries of Life.
Its Duty is to take Man
To that level of pellucid purity
At which Deity  Himself
Becomes the aspirant's  Teacher !
Then it is the Duty of Deity
To bring the aspirant to Perfection
If Self Actualisation is the Goal,
Give Him Self Actualisation.
He is sure to keep His Promise
"Verily Thou shalt dwell in Me
By consecrating to Me,
Thou shalt merge in Me".
"Thou shalt overcome all difficulties,
Thou shalt achieve the Goal Evoutionary"
Ma chitta sarva Durgani
Mat prasadath tharishyasi
In Jnana Yoga, it is the Duty of the Guru,
To give Self Actualisation to the disciple.
In Bhakti Yoga, it is the responsibility of Deity
To give Self Realisation to the devotee !
Graduate from Theology to Philosophy,
From blind faith to Intuition and   reason.
For ,Theology is an impediment, an obstacle,
In the higher reaches of Unitive knowledge.
I give Self Actualisation as a Gift, saith He
People worship Me for Wealth & Ambition,
After obtaining these, they waste their lives !
Worldliness is illness, Bhoga is Roga.
Know then they are only seemingly fortunate,
As they have not exhausted their negative karma.
Love all Beings is my instruction to thee,
As Universal Love is the escape route!
Yoga is scientific, Yoga is Universal,
A Yogi is a Universal Man, unattached,
To any caste, creed or Religion,
For, Yoga is a universal phenomenon.