A stands for Analemma,
That position of the Sun observed from a fixed place
Resembling the digit Eight
At the same solar time.
A stands for Aham Atma Gudakesa,
That statement of the Highest that He is Self,
Self Eternal,Self indeed the Immutable,
The Imperishable amidst the perishing.
A stands for Ante et Post,
Before and After, as Time is defined as,
We have Ante Meridien, AM
And Post Meridian, PM.
A stands for Arohanam Martandasya,
Rising of the Sun , AM
And also Patanam  Martandasya,
Setting of Sun, PM
A stands for Adversary is an active Collaborator,
Bcause of him, you are strong.
He is the true builder of Force,
Without him, you progress not.
A stands for  Adversary is builder of Force,
Actually he is collaborating with thee
He is Anti Thesis, if you are Thesis
Both coexist in Truth, perpetually.
A stands for Adiyil Matsyamai,
In the Beginning was the Fish,
Implying that Life came from the sea,
And our primordial ancestors were acquatic.
And stands for Adversity's Blessings,
Which are unknown to its rival, Prosperity !
Prosperity is conducive to VIce.
And Adversity to Virtue.
A  stands for the Adversary, Ego,
Not at all a Noble Adversary.
Ego is the real Machiavelli, Kautilya,
And the villain greatest !
A stands for Ashtanga Hridaya,
The Main Treatise on Ayurveda.
Literally, the Eightfold Heart,
Revealing all secrets Ayurvedic.
A stands for Ashtanga Yogini,
One of the synonyms of the Force Divine,
Her apocalyptic, Revealatory Aspect,
Paving the      way for Self Actualisation
A stands for Advaitamrita Varshineem Bhagavatim,
The True Expounder of Advaita Philosophy,
Which the Song Celestial or the Gita is,
And rightly called the Mother Scripture, Amba !
A stands for Ardha Nareeswaree Devi,
Purusha am I, Prakriti am I,
Both components, male and female, is Creation,
Both constitute the Supreme She !
She declares "Aham Sarvam Khalu Idam eva "
I am all This by My Cosmic Power Illusory,
I am the Principles Thirty Three,
And the buildings blocks of the Universe..
A stands for  Apostles Twelve,
Which symbolise Zodiacal Signs Twelve,
With Jesus as the Central   Spiritual Sun,
The real Sol Invictus, Sun Invincible !


A stands for Astha Lagna,
180 degrees away from Ascendant,
Called Descendant in Western Astronomy,
And as Astha Lagna in the Indian.