A stands for Action and Repose are the same,
In the Deep Breast of the Supreme Bliss of the Divine,
As if a statis of the Infinite,
Supported a kinesis of the Infinite.
A stands for Absolute Maximum,
Term invented by Nicholas of Cusa,
To define Ultimate Reality,
Which alone exists in se.
A stands for Aeterno Infinitas,
That He is both Infinity and Eternity !
Or is called the Infinite Unbounded,
So Ananta iti Geeyase.
A stands for Asangoham Asangoham,
Statement of Cosmic Consciousness,
Without entanglements, the primal Self,
Of the nature of Existence - Consciousness- Beatitude!
Asangoham Asangoham
Asangoham Puna Puna
Sat Chit Ananda Roopoham
Aham eva Aham Avyaya.
A stands for Atma Tatvam Prata Smarami,
The Absolute Self, which I meditate upon early morning,
OF the natuer of Bliss,which transcends states triune,
I am that partless, undifferentiaed Brahm !
Prata Smarami Hrudi samsphura matma tatvam
Sat Chit Sukham Parama Hamsa Gatim Tureeyam
Yat  Swapna Jagara Sushuptamaveti Nityam
Tad Brahma Nishkalam Aham na cha bhootasangha/
A stands for Ajo Nityah Sasvatoyam Purano,
That the Self is Birthless, eternal, everlasting, ancient,
That it is never born, nor does it die,
That it is indestructible, even if body perishes !

 A stands for Acchyedyoyam, Adahyoyam, Akledyososhya eva cha,
That the Self cannot be cut or bruised,
Eternal, all pervading everywhere,
It is the Unmoved Mover everlasting !

 A stands for Anatma Tatvam Viddhi,
Pure Existent is Self and all this is non Self,
As of Non Actuality, no Being there is,
There is no non Being of Actuality !
A stands for Attributelessness of Self, Nir,
Devoid of any attributes is the Self,
Nirguno Nishkriyo Nithyo Nirvikalpo Niranjana,
Nirvikaro Nirakaro Nityor Muktosmi Nirmala.
A stands for Adveshta Sarvabhootanam,
To have no anger against creatures of the Lord,
To incorporate friendship, compassion for all,
Wth no sense of ego, unto Brahm cometh he !
A stands for Anyatha Saranam Nasthi
There is no other refuge apart from Thee,
So save us from all calamities,
As we have surrendered to Thee eternally !
Anyatha Saranam Nasti
Tvam eva Saranam Mama
Tasmad Karunya Bhavena
Raksha Raksha Maheswara !
A stands for Aswini, Arietis Beta, first zodiacal constellation,
Beginning of the Zodiac Sidereal,
The Sapta Vimsa Nakshatratmaka Jagat,
Which stretches from Zero degree Aswini to the 360th degree of Revati.
A stands for Ardra, Aridra, Athira, Thiru Athira,
Alpha Orionis, the Hand of the Hunter constellation,
The Giant Betelgeuse, 800 x our Sun,
And the Birthstar of Lord Shiva.
A stands for Ardra, Aridra, Athira, Thiru Athira,
The Sun Moon Opposition in Dhanus Sign,
With Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius,
Considered the Birth Day of Lord Shiva.
A stands for the Athira Divine Dance,
Queen of all semi-classical dances,
Under the blue Moonlight, before Lamp Divine,
Kerala beauties danced their way to Fame.
"Dhanu Masa Pularikal ,Dasa Pushpam Choodum
Thiruvathira ! Puthen Thiruvathira !
Tharanamam Rajanikal Thalam Edukkum,
Thiruvathira Ponnin Thiruvathira !" saith one Song.
A stands for Anugraha, Benediction, Grace,
That Benediction, which the eclipsing curse of birth ,
Can quench not, saith Shelley; and How Strange Thy Grace,
Vichitra Roopasthava Khalu Anugraha, saith Melpathur.

A stands for Ardra or Thiru Athira Njattuvela,
The most balanced Njattuvela of them all,
The Solar Transit of Alpha Orionis, raining magnificently,
Thiri Muriyathe Peythu Nirayunna Thiruvathira !

A stands for Arya Varta, India,
Defined and praised by scholars many,
As that wonderful land of Mysticism by Cheiro,
As Reason's early Paradise ( Whitman ) and Mother of us all ( Durant) !
A stands for Arsha Bharata, India,
The Land where Vedas and Upanishads first saw Light !
Oriente Lux, the Land of the Eighteen Intuitive Sciences,
Mathematics and Eighteen Eternal Arts !
A stands for Avyaktam The Swaroopam,
That Thy True Form is Unmanifest and incomprehensible.
Comparing Thy Two Eternal Aspects, Nirguna and Saguna,
Thy Saguna Aspect is most adorable, as Thou Revealed !