The Absolute A II
A stands for Apratyakshani Sastrani,
That all sciences have disappeared,
And all are controversial too
And Astrology is the only visible Science !
Apratyakshani Sastrani
Vivadha tasya Kevalam,
Pratyaksham Jyothisham Saastram,
Sakshinau Chanda Bhaskarau !
English Vocabulary is enhanced,
By this Science of Time,
Solar is derived from Sol, Sun
And Lunar from Luna, Moon.
Jovial from Jove, Jupiter,
Martial from Mars, the Red Planet,
Venereal from Venus Veneris,
And Mercurial from Mercury.
Saturnine from Saturn,
Lunacy from Luna,
Aphrodisiac from Aphrodite, Venus
And Martial Law from Mars !
Names of the Seven Days of the Week,
Derive from the Seven Revolving Heavens,
Moon's Day is Monday and Sun's Day is Sunday
And Saturday is the Day of Saturn !


Mars', Tiv's Day is Tuesday,
Mercury's, Woten's Day is Wednesday,
Jove's, Thor's Day is Thursday,
And Venus', Freya's Day is Friday.
Weekdays are consecrated
To their respective rulers.
Thursday is consecrated to Jupiter,
And Wednesday to Mercury !
Angiras stands for Jupiter or Jove,
Jeeve Angira Sura Guru
Vachasam Pathir Jyok
Averrs a Sanskrit Verse.
Dyo Pitah, the Father of the Heavens,
Became the Greek Jupiter or Jove
Sanskrit Jyok became Jove,
The biggest planet in the solar system.

Shakespeare referred to the protractive trails of high Jove,
To find persistive constancy in men.
Marlowe defined Jove,
As the Lord and Commander of the elements !
The Indian equivalent is Brihaspati,
Rasasu Parivalsaram Parivalsaram Charati.
That He takes 12 years to traverse 360 degrees,
Or an year to traverse 30 degrees, a Zodiacal Sign.
Pitha Guru became Pythagorus,
And this Guru or Gorus,
Occurs in such names as,
Protagorus, Pythagorus and Anaxagorus.
Mount Meru became Mount Moriah,
Mithya became Myth,
Brahma Satyam, Jagat Mithya,
And Monsoon derived from Masa.
Heliocentric meaning Sun centric,
Is derived from the Greek Helios,
Which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit, Heli, Sun,
Heli Soorya Chandrama Sheetarashmi
Deity is derived from Dei,
Which is derived from Deva,
Deva became Deus Deo Dei,
Art is Grandchild of Deity ( Dante ).
Mother is derived from Mater,
Which is derived from Mata,
Father is derived from Pater,
Which is derived from Pita.
Brother is derived from Frater,
Which is derived from Bhrata,
Septenary is derived from Septa,
Which is derived from Sapta.
Octet is derived from Octa,
Which is derived from Ashta,
November is derived from Novem,
Which is derived from Nava.
December  is derived from Decem,
Which is derived from Dasa,
Centennial  is derived from Centum,
Which is derived from Shata.
Divine derived from Divina,
Which is derived from Divya
Pedestrian is derived from Pedem,

Which is derived from Pada !

Hour is derived from Hora,
Horethi Lagnam Bhavanasya Chardum
Thri is derived from Thri.
Traigunya Vishaya Veda

Jyamithi became Geometry,
As Jya meant Sine and Cosine,
Trinokonamithi became Trignometry,
As Trignon derived from Trikona !

No wonder Will Durant called Sanskrit,
The Mother of Europe's Languages,
" More copious than Greek, more perfect than Latin,
And exquisitely refined than either" ( Jones ).