The Sacred Seven II
Seven are the Concentric Sheaths, Sapta Koshas,
Which envelop the Self entire,
Sarvam Avritta Thishtati,
It is enveloped by all !
The outermost physical sheath, Annamaya,
The Vital Sheath, Pranamaya,
The Mental Sheath, Manomaya,
And Intellectual Sheath, Vijnanamaya.
We have Blissful Sheath, Anandamaya,
Knowledge Sheath, Chitmaya,
And Being Sheath, Satmaya,
Constitute the Sheaths Seven,

Both Aurobindo and Jesus,
Derived their theories,
From this Sapta Kosha Siddhanta,
Which is central to Yoga.
Jesus refrerred to the Bliss Sheath,
As the Kingdom of Heaven,
The Septenary Principles of Aurobindo
Are these seven on a macrocosmic scale.

Seven are the the Seers of Ursa Major,
The Big Bear or the Big Dipper,
Atri, Angiras, Marichi, Pulastya,
Pulah, Kratu and Vasishta

Seven are their Wives of the Pleiades,
Known as Karthika in the Indian.
Anasuya, Arundhai, Gathi, Kala,
Shraddha, Havabhuh and Kriya.
The Pleiades are the Seven Sisters,
Led  by Alcyone, Anasuya.
Wife of Atri, First Sage,
Amongst the Seven Seers.
That our solar system
Is revolving around star Alcyone, Sun huge,
Was advanced by Erich von Daniken,
The Exo Biologist.
Anasuya and Atri, Alcyone and Megrez,
Arundhati and Vasishta, Alcor and Mizar,
Are exemplary couples,
In the Indian Pantheon !
Arundhati and Vasishta, Alcor and Mizar,
Are shown to the newly married couple.
At time of Death, they are seen not,
That seems to be a positive belief !
It was observed that the Seven Seers have motion,
They stay in a constellation for 100 years.
Their motion is backwards , retrograde,
And their sidereal period is 2700 years !

As the Sapta Vimsatmaka Jagat,
Is tenanted by 27 constellations !
This they called the Sapta Rishi Yuga,
The Ursa Major Cycle.

Prof Drayson in Asiatic    Researches,
Averred " The Hindus thought proper.
To connect their Mythology,
With a strange astronomical period "
"It is that of that of the Seven Rishies
Moving along the Zodiac
In a retrograde motion
Of 2700 years "

Three sub divided by Seven,
Are themes of Aurobindo & Dante
The Higher Trilogy, Middle Link and Lower Trilogy,
And Septenary Principles subdividing them !
When the Queen of the Solar Logos, the Moon, tenants Pleiades/Karthika,
And when the King of the Solar Logos, the Sun, tenants Scorpio,
A Great Festival is celebrated here on Earth,
The Great Festival of Lights, the Deepavali !
It is as if the Lights of the Seven Great Suns of the Pleiades,
Shining brilliantly like Diamonds on a bluish backgroud,
Are reciprocated by the lamps of the Earth below,
Ending in a display of a plethora of Lights !
The Seven Reprehensible Actions,
Of Aristotlean Ethics, actions abominable,
Were classified by Dante as Seven Deadly Sins,
Lust, Greed, Anger, Jealous, Sloth, Covetousness and Gluttony.
It has its parallel in the Indian, as Ari Shad Varga,
The six formidable enemies of Man,
Lust, Anger, Pride, Ambition, Jealousy and Avarice,
Defined as Adverse or Hostile Forces by Yoga !
Anger is the Second Deadly Sin,
Lust, the First,
Avarice is the greatest disease,
And Anger, the greatest enemy.
Lust and Anger, symbolised by Duryodhana and Dussasana,
Arise from Rajas, from Passion.
Know these two,
As greatest enemies !


Lust, Avarice and Anger,
Opens the Doors of Hell,
These three are to be renounced,
For progress in Spirit !