Of World Government
Gnostic ideas like World Religion,
World Government, Currency and Market,
Are great indeed; and are welcomed,
By all Indians, because of their Philosophy !
What is called Syncretism or Ecumenism,
Is nothing but Sarva Dharma Samabhava,
What is called One Government, New World Order,
Is nothing but Vasudha eva Kudumbakam !
Gnosticism, Yoga, Sufism, Zen and Kabalah,
Are part of Universal Mysticism.
All have Unio Mystica as their Goal,
And is Evolutionary Philosophy of Consciousness !
Didnt Gnostics derive their ideas,
From Plato & Philo? From the Kabalah,
And the Sacred Books of India & Egypt,
And ennoble Christianity?
Kabalah is Jewish Mysticism,
One is stunned at the greatness of the Kabalah,
At finding the doctrine so simple,
So comprehensive and so Absolute !
Who are the Jews?
They are Indian Philosophers, says Philip Gardiner.
In Indian Philosophy, there is a sect called Kalani,
And they are that redoubtable race !
In Hebrew, Jew means an Initiate,
That word deriving from In Ire, to go within,
It is the same as Brahmam Jnaneti iti Brahmana,
He who knows Absolute Brahman is a Brahmin !
Judaism is similar to Hinduism,
Old Testament is like Vedas,
Kabalah is Yoga,
And in psychic sciences both believe.
India is the only land,
Where Jews were never persecuted !
Both practised Love & Mutual Respect,
Showing Alliance of Civilizations !
Apocalypsis in Gnosticism,
Is the Final Goal !
Fulness of Lux Occulta is felt,
In Ecstatic Rapture !
Isnt Sophia, the abandoned Wisdom Divine?
Havent Her children widowed Her ?
At end, they attain Union with Her,
And She becomes justified of Her children !
And since Wisdom shall be justified ultimately,
In this existence ineffugable, why complain?
As all are moving towards Shubham and Mangalam,
May contain some painful contradictions !
Arent these discords we find, the mischiefs,
Of the Great Original Creative Artist?
Discords will become concords,
When Noble Integration does its work !
Hasnt Life got a symbolic value?
And isnt it necessary as a Becoming ?
Hasnt Becoming, Being as Its Goal,
And isnt the Lord the only Being ?
My Mystery contained in Aum,
I am the Threefold Veds !
I am the Father of the Universe,
Its Mother & Grandfather !
Obeying Thy Commandments,
Is the sure Way to Glory !
Therefore, Karishye Vachanam Tava,
We shall observe Thy Laws Eternal !

The Alliance of Civilizations is on,
Ending the Clash of Civilizations,
World Religion, World Government,
Currency, Market are here to stay !
A concept foreseen by Dante,
In his poem, One Government,
Called by Bacon as New Atlantis,
World Government is here to stay !

Like cold winds which disappear,
When King of Solar Logos ascends,
So pale becomes Head at Heart's sight,
Bowing down and dissolving in Light ineffable !