Many Aspects & Manifestations of the One

They see the Self, in the Self, by the Self !
All betrays him who sees all elsewhere,
Than in the Self! What can entire Veda,
Do for him, who sees all in Non-Self ?

The Eternian sees everything,
Under the aspect of Eternity,
Under the aspect of Zodiac,
And under the aspect of Love.

Thou manifested as Bhagavan Vyasa,
To write Epic Poems and Mythology.
The essence of Wisdom was underlined,
"Helping is Merit, Torturing is Demerit".

Thou incarnated as Bhagavan Kanada,
To impart the Wisdom of Vaisesika.Sastra.
Thou promulgated the Fivefold Atomic Theory
That atoms of Elemental Five make up Reality !

In Thy Manifestation as Lord Krishna,
Wisdom and Statesmanship met in Thee !
Initiated into the Mysteries of Yoga by Sandeepini,
Thou ruled as the greatest Philosopher King ever.

In Thy Incarnation as Lord Rama,
Wisdom and Sacrifice met in Thee !
Initiated into the Mysteries of Yoga by Vasishta,
Thou showed how a Philosopher King can sacrifice.

Thou manifested as Bhagavan Buddha,
To impart the Wisdom of Nirvana Sastra
Renunciation Personified, Perfect Exemplar,
Thou showed that Love is All Conquering !

In Thy Aspect as Death ineluctable,
Thou comest as welcome release !
Thou declared "I am Death",
So poets symbolise Thee as Evil Tooth!

In Thy Aspect as Prakriti Sagacious,
Thou art both terrible and sweet.
Thy natural calamities terrify all,
While Thy beauty  magnificent dazzle all.