Horoscope of Pakistan
This nation was born,
Out of Chaos, All planets
Hemmed in between Nodes,
Dragon's Head & Tail, Rahu and Ketu.
Known as the Combo of Black Serpent,
The Yoga Kala Sarpa,
Indicating problems galore,
Terrorism, fundamentalism and strife.
Most dangerous is the Dasa,
Which she is running now,
Venus is afflicted by 2nd & 7th ownership,
Dwitheeya Dhyoona Nathasthu Graha Peeda.
Saturn transits dangerous  8th,
Indicating strife of a major sort,
Aries rising, with its lord not strong,
Indicating calumny, if not notoriety.
Lower manifestation of Jupiter,
Indicates a false, theological mask.
Theology, not Sufism, on the rise,
Which views other systems as inferior !
Nodes afflict 2nd & 8th,
Houses of Diplomacy,
Jove, in between Nodes,
Is powerless to advise.
A weak Mars, afflicts Moon,
Indicating Army's role behind scenes,
Rahu in the House of Wealth,
Shows progress economic sluggish.
While Pak's GDP is 320 billion,
Bangladesh's is 520 billion,
BD is the next China,
And is growling like India.

Transit Saturn in 8th,
Indicates troubles huge,
She may not be able to fight,
A war with her mighty neighbor !
Her neighbor, a Democracy,
Has grown by leaps and bounds,
While her leaders were Mr Ten Percents,
Leaders of her neighbor were non corrupt.