The Kapila Hypothesis, 

Bipolar Forces, Purusha & Prakriti

One of the Six Main Sciences,
And the Natural Philosophy of India,
Sankhya was developed by Kapila,
Who underwent Divine Transmutation !

He begins with the statement,
God is not proved
A Rational and a scientific Mind
He plunges into the secrets of Nature !

The Bipolar Forces, male and female,
Of Ultimate Reality, are Purusha and Prakriti,
Nature and the Life Force, which animates Her,
And corresponds to the Matter and Spirit of the West.

Cause of the Law of Cause and Effect
Is benevolent Prakriti Herself.
She is the First Cause, Pradhanam Prakritim Prahuh,
As well as the Main Efficient Cause. 

Karya karana karthruthve
Hetu Prakriti uchyate

Ñature is the Sole Doer
Ñature is Àlmighty
A logical system,
She does nothing without reason.

Self coñtained Being is Purushà,
The. Basé of all That Is.
And He offers His Breast,
For Her glorious Cosmic Dance.

He enjoys the Cosmic Game,
Remaining as Pure Witness.
All is willed by Him in its totality,
And perpetually entertained !

Nithyam Sanathanam Nirvikaram Prabhu
Sakshiyay matram Vilangunthengum.

Time is the.All Consuming
Power of the Absolute.
The foolish Ego, the Experiencer,
Is afraid of all devouring Time !

Kapila underwent Transfiguration,
Transformation or Transmutation divine,
Into something rich and strange
And became Bhagavan Kapila !

One element becoming another,
Is called Transmutation !
This is already happening in the Sun,
Where Hydrogen atoms become Helium. 

Divine Alchemy is similar to Scientific Alchemy,
Just like Hydrogen becoming Helium,
Human nature can be transmuted into divine nature,
Knower of Brahman becomes Brahman,

Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavati.

In Thy Incarnation as Kapila,
Thou revealed universal secrets,
Esoteric secrets great,
To Thy Mother, Devahooti.

Thou declared there are principles twenty five,
With Purusha as the Twenty Fifth !
With Nature,Universal Mind,Ego, Heart,
Subtle Essences, Elements, Sense and Knowledge Organs !

Prakriti Mahat Ahamkara 
Tanmatra Bhootaan
Api Hridapi Dasakshi 
Poorusha Pancha Vimsa

These are the 24 principles,
The true building blocks
And Purusha, Time, is the 25th,
Most important of them all !

Ya Kala Pancha vimsaka.

That Purusha is Time,
Was an amazing discovery.
It was validated by the West,
When Kant declared "Self is Time"

Time, the Destroyer, we all know,
But not Time as Creator and Preserver.
Creation,Preservation and Dissolution,
Are all invested in the womb of Time ! 
Sarvam Kalena Srujyante
Sarvam Kalena Palayante
Sarvam Kalena Samhriyante

He who is full of Intellectual Love,
Knowing these principles great,
And living in rhythm with Nature
Will be freed from bondage.

Iti vividha vibhago
Uchyate sau Prakritya

This magnificent Nature Philosophy
Was echoed in the West by poets great
Goethe, Wordsworth, Bruno et al
Sang the Glory of Prakriti Divine.

Nature never did betray the heart
That loved Her, said Wordsworth
I follow two Philosophers this way
It was Nature, Nature, all I heard them say (Goethe)

How can one end
Without mentioníng Love ?
Always the glorious victor,
Is ever conquering Love !

Thus Love Plus Wisdom,
Is the Grand Solution.
Thou instructed Thy Mother
The Noble Devahuthi.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2020
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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sankara, one of the best scientific philosophers, was feeling paralysed at Trichur Temple, when a small girl asked him " Without Power, Shakti, what can you do?". Sankara bowed before Her and wrote a grand treatise on Beauty Divine, called "Intoxication of Beauty", Soundarya Lahari, wherein he described the comeliness, magnificence, transcendence, immanence and cosmicity of Parvathy, the Mother.

Even though defined as Transcendence, the Fourth, Tureeya Brahman, She is also immanent and cosmic.

The Sankara Hypothesis, Reality = Unity, is accepted by the scientific world, as Reality happens to be One Universal Energy.
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Monday, March 30, 2020
Aurobindo Hypothesis II - The Sevenfold Chord of Being

After his divine experience,
Wherein he saw the Divine in all,
Aurobindo postulated an amazing theory,
The Sevenfold Chord of Being.

Dialectical Integralism is his system,
As He integrated both Purusha and Prakriti
Integrating Idealism and Materialism Dialectical,
Both Hegel and Marx, is never easy.

He stood for Sacred Balance
Of powerful Ma