Aurobindonian Dialectic
A stands for the Aurobindonian Dialectic,
That One Universal Being manifests as Septenary Principles.
The Seven Names of the Nameless,
With Matter as the lowest term and purre Being as the highest !
Sing Heavenly Muse, how we are confronted,
By an infinite energy, of boundless existence,
And infinite activity, pouring itself into,
Limitless Space and Eternal Time.
This mighty energy is an equal and impartial Mother,
And in the massive term of the Gita, Samam Brahma !
Absolute is equal and equanimous,
And the Yogis dwell in Absolute Brahm.
The world is transcended, aye even here,
By those who achieve communion with the Highest !
They dwell in Unitarian Substance,
Who dwells in Absolute Unity !
Sing O Deity of Eloquence, how He is,
Both Timeless and Time,
Both Spacelessness and Space,
The Causality, the Cause and the Effect !
How Brahman, the Eashwara,
Is all this by His Yoga Maya !
For, we find that the Indeterminate,
Determines Itself as the Infinite and Finite.
The Immutable teems with mutations,
One becomes an innumerable multitude.
How Being turns into Becoming,
But is always Itself and other than its Becomings.
How the Universal individualises Itself,
And the Individual universalises itself !
In short the Master Magician's Play,
With Night as Curtain and  Witnesses, Stars !
Sing, O Deity of Silver tongued oratory,
Another glorious Truth,that of Pre Destination,
That the Pure Existent which becomes All,
Has perfectly structured all things,from years sempiternal !
Another, that Providence protects the good albeit,
The Universal Will will not lead thee,
Where Universal Grace cannot keep thee,
These being Eternal Principles !
Sing, O Vak Devata, about the Ultimate Formula,
The Veracity about Divine Transmutation of Man,
Scientific, as Transmutation is taking place in Nature,
In the Sun, wherein Hydrogen transmutes to Helium !
Do not be misled by Nescience or by Knowledge,
There is none bound as we think, none free,
And None aspiring to be free !
But the Lord playing in world, as Being-Knowledge-Bliss !
Rather arise, transcend thyself, become thyself,
The very nature of Man is to be more than himself !
O Man, let all thy vanities leave thee,
And may thou shine as Being - Knowledge-Bliss !
This is thy aim and the work of thy being,
And for which thou art here,
To become the Divine Superman,
And a perfect vessel of the Godhead !
Sing, O Deity of Poesis and Music,
How the Universal Master lies in all,
Immortal, He dallies with mortality,
Eternal, He assents to Fate and Chance !
He, whose Transcendence rules all,
Prescient, lay in our subconscient depths,
Hid from the eyes of all the  living,
An incredible power luminous, alone !
Sing, Deity of Poesis, about Supramental Transformation,
Wherein Matter will be supramentalised,
Transformation is also known as Transmutation,
Also transfiguration into something rich and strange.
This Transmutation was known to Rishis of yore,
Had they known not this secret of all secrets,
Of fusions, atomic and solar,
They wouldnt have the guts to write about it !
From Aphorisms like Samam Brahma and Samatvam Yoga Uchyate,
It can be discerned definitely,
That Socialism flourished in India,
Even before Official Communism was born !
From Vasudha Eva Kudumbakam,
It can definitely be discerned,
That Ecumenism ( Secularism ) flourished in India,
Long before Official Secularism was born !
From Sa Tasmin Parama Prema Swaroopa,
It can definitely be discerned,
That Love  flourished in India,
Long before Official Christianity was born !