Why Union via Love ?
Love is Christos
Hatred is Thanatos
Love is Rama,
Hatred is Ravana.
Love is Positivity,
Hatred is Negativity.
Love is the Motivator,
Love is the Redeemer.
Love is Logos
Hatred is Thanatos !
Love is Vishnu,
Hatred is Rudra.
The Law of Love will triumph
Only when initial discords are overcome.
The Law of Vishnu will prevail
When debts to Shiva are paid !
IF then His Providence,
Out of Evil seeks to bring forth good,
As only highlighting Vice,
Can Virtue have any value.
Value of Virtue is highlighted by Vice,
Value of Dharma is highlighted by Adharma,
Evil hath no eternal existence,
As all wickedness is weakness !
Problem of Evil confounded
Christian Theologians !
St Augustine & St Bernard,
Were discomfited by It.
They couldnt answer question,
Why Supreme Good permits Evil ?
On the contrary, Indian Dialectics,
Defined Him as both Good & Evil !
Nor could they answer another question,
Why do people suffer ?
Indian Philosophy goes into the cause,
And enacts the Grand Law of Cause & Effect !
Problem of Justice also,
Was not solved by Theologians.
Theology is an impediment, an obstcle,
In the higher reaches of Unitive Knowledge !


Indian Philosophy averrs,
Good and Evil are merely relative terms
Inapplicable to the Absolute,
And our tragedies are trivial !
In Eternity's perspective, that is,
Suffering is due to transgressions,
Of Laws Universal.
Isnt Dialectics, Logic ?
Make the whole world noble and happy,
May all be immortalised by Fame !
In this Global Family of Love,
These are universal prayers of Law Eternal !
Krinvantho Vishwam Aryam
Sreyo Bhooyat Sakala Jananam,
Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Vasudha eve Kudumbakam.