The Magic of Love

Did not the great Dante say
That Heaven is a school
And the Abbot of the College Celestial,
Is none other than He ?
Nel quale e Christo
Abbote Del Collegio
Which implies that Earth also is same,
And we are here to learn !
Did not that melancholic Tuscan poet,
Behold the mighty Rose , in Paradiso?
The Rose of Paradise, with petals as saints,
Most of them martyred, crucified here !

Did not his heirophantess, Beatrice,
Criticise him for following Jnana Yoga,
And not that noblest Bhakti Yoga,
As Thesis posits its Anti Thesis ?
What the intellect justifies is true,
Its inverse is also logically true.
Gone was the prestige of the intellect,
And the heart then takes over !


Which is greater, Head or Heart?
Who is greater, Sankara or Jayadeva ?
Or Solomon or Jesus,
Everyone will say the latter !
This is the final conflict,
Between Head & Heart,
The Heart has its own reasons, says the poet,
Which the Head need not know of !
Heart is sixty times more powerful,
Than the much celebrated Head !
Heart  is the seat of the Divine,
And is the Pivotal Point of Yoga !
"O Dante, with snow white veil and garments as of flame,
She stands before thee, who not long ago,
Filled thy young heart with the passion and the woe,
From which thy song and all its splendors came "
And when Dante moved,
From Jnana Yoga to Bhakti Yoga,
She smiled, no more rebuking,
But smiling her words of praise !
What is meant here is that,
It is time to move to heart centric life,
We are too intellect centric,
Let us embrace Universal Love.
Intellect versus the Heart,
This is the true Armageddon
Heart will win eventually,
And Head will have to bow down !


Friends he will have, who  loves All,
Relatives also will flock to him,
The Lover of Men is the true King,
True Lover is the True Scholar !
Suddenly he becomes attractive,
Love in him will attract all,
Disrespectable becomes  respectable,
This, they say, is the Magic of Love !
In Eternity, beyond Time,
Beyond all comprehension,
Eternal Love revealed
As new loves, human beings !