The Absolute Bimba Pratibimba Hypothesis
A stands  for Avidyayam tu yat kinchil pratibimbam Nagadhipa.
That all this is mirrored in Becoming, in the Universal Mind,
In the Avidya, Nescience, which is Anadi, beginingless,
The Beginingless Nescience which impel us to identify with body.
All created beings are reflections of the Divine,
The Sun's  reflections are seen in millions of ponds,
The Sun, Self, is the Bimba and we the mirror images, Pratibimbas,
Brahmachaitanyam teshu Pratibimbitam Bhavati.
Sa Pratibimba Jeeva eva iti kathyante,
Those mirror images are the individual souls,
Mirror images of the Absolute Bimba,
Not only souls but also the Relative Triad !
Nature tells me that Iam the Image of Godhead,
As well as Scripture, saith Sir Thomas Browne,
And he who knows not that much,
Hath not had his introduction ( Religio Medici ).
Goethe said through Faust. " I, the Image of Godhead who began,
Deeming secure truths in its clearnesss,
Longing to flow through Nature's veins,
Am laid aside an earthly man"
The Jagat Trayam - Universe, Ego, Supreme Relative,
Are the relative Pratibimbas of the Absolute Bimba,
The Relative which is mirrored in Mind Universal, in Avidya,
Avidyayam tu yat kinchil pratibimbam Nagadhipa.
Anadi means Beginingless,
Beginingless is Purusha,
Beginingless is Prakriti,
And all qualities are born of Nature.
Prakrutim Purusham chaiva
VIdyanaadi Ubhavapi
VIkaramscha Gunanamscha
Viddhi Prakriti Sambhavan
It is this Avidya which is Anadi,
The Beginingless Ignorance,
It is this Universal Mind,
Which brought forth the Universe.
Avyakta Namnee Paramesa Shakti,
Anadi Avidya Trigunatmika Para
Kayanymaiva Sudhiaiva Maaya,
Yadha Jagat Sarvam Idam Prasooyate.
Avidya is another term for Maya,
The Universal Illusory Power
The Conscious Force of the Absolute
Which is all this
Brahm Bimb Hai, Hum Pratibimb,
Brahm Poorna Hai, Hum Apoorn,
Brahm Ek Hai, Hum Anek,
Sub Brahm Hai, Sarvam Brahmamayam
The All Controller is He, the Easwara,
Self Reliant, All Wise and Transcendental,
All Doer, Omniscient and Greatest Benediction,
The All Knowledgeable and Omnipotent.
Yasmin yat Pratibimbasyat
Bimba Bhootedi chyeth itu
Sa Eashawa Samakhyata
Swasraya Jnanavan Para
Sarvajna Sarva Kartha cha
Sarvanugraha Karaka
Avidyayam tu yat kinchil
Pratibimbam Nagadhipa
Greek Philosophy averrs same,
Universe is Becoming, never IS.
As the Jagat Traya, the Relative Triad,
Is mirroed in Mind Universal !