Hitherto Fanciful Poetic Imageries
Milton saith " Many are the sayings of the wise,
In ancient and in modern books enrolled,
Extolling Patience as the truest fortitude,
And to the bearing end of all calamities"
Kshama balam Asaktanam,
Shaktanam Bhooshanam Kshama
These sayings of the Wise,
Are called Apta Vakyas or Abijna Vachanas,
Pramanas or Maha Vakyas,
And they exist as Aphorisms.

Aphorisms great,
Utterances by poets great,
Are considered by the mundane,
As mere poetic imageries !
Until Actualisation, that is,
They are actually full of Esoterica ,
Rich and pregnant
With esoteric meaning !
The Science of Creative Intelligence,
Derives from Prajnanam Brahma,
Pra is Creative and Jnana is Intelligence,
And SCI is the Science of the Absolute.
The Supermind of the Mind Overmind Supermind Triad,
Derives from Vijnanam Brahma.
Another Apta Vakya is Tyagam onnate Nettam,
Greatest Achievement Is Sacrifice !
Sacrifice, if you want the Empyrean,
As Self Actualisation can only be  attained,
By hard sacrifice; na karmana prajaya dhanena,
Tyage Naike Amrutatvam Anasoo.
Another is Thazhma Tan Abhyunnati,
That Education confers Humility,
Which alone reveals the celestial lights,
And without which Learning will not be extolled".
Another is Vidyaya Vindate Amritam,
That Self Realisation can ony be got,
From Wisdom Celestial and not from mundane,
And it can immortalise you with fame.
Another is Avinasi tu tad viddhi yena sarvam idam tatam,
Know that to be indestructible by which all this is pervaded,
Universal Matter destroys not, nor Universal Energy,
Nor Universal Being, all are conserved and Substance is indestructible !
Prapanchik Padarth ko srishti samhar nahi hai,
( Law of Conservation of Universal Matter )
Prapanchik Oorj ko vinash nahi hai,
( Law of Conservation of Universal Energy )
Prapanchik Sattha Avinasi Hai,
( Law of Conservation of Universal Being )
Avinasi tu tad viddhi yena sarvam idam tatam
(Know that to be indestructible by which all this is pervaded,)

Bharateeya Vichar Dhara saastreey , prapanchik,
sarvatrik aur sarvajanik hai. Isme Visvas
Or Andha Visvas Nahee Hai.
Indian Philosophy is scientific,
Universal and Syncretic.
There is neither faith nor blind faith,
In Philosophia Indica !

Another is Mounam Panditha Lakshanam,

In English, Speech is Silver, Silence Gold,
Which derives from Upanishadic Equation,
The Absolute = Silence, Nishabdam Brahma.
Another is Lankhanam Param Oushadham,
Fasting Therapy is the best Medicine,
It is also known as Akasa Upasana,
Or Worship of the least dense element Ether !

Another is Daridram Param Oushadham,
Poverty is the best Medicine,
As a poor man eats not four times a day,
And suffers from diseases of the rich !