A stands for Ashirvad, Guru's Benediction,
That which maketh thee whole.
Which can impart Immortality, Self Actualisation,
The summum bonum, the Divine Crown.

The Eternal Law produced,
Two Great Ones who got Brahma Padam,
Highest Self Actualisation or Crown Divine,
Sri Ramana Maharshi & Sri Aurubindo.

A stands for many things A,
Abhimana, Ajnana and  Abhijatya,
Self conceit, Ignorance and snobbishness,
Part of Asuri Samat or Qualities Demoniac.

Dambham Darpobhi manascha,
Krodha parushyameva cha
Ajnanam cha Abhijatasya,
Partha Sampadam Asureem.

Whereas  Asuri Sampat, qualities negative,
Bind man to the sublunar world,
Daivi Sampat, qualities positive,
Liberate him from Matter' s thraldom !

Daivi Sampat hi Mokshaya,
Nimbandha Asuri Matha,
Hence embrace Nivritti Marga,
Which alone can liberate thee !

The ignorant do not know
Difference between both Margas,
Pravrittim cha Nivrittim cha
Jana na Vidurasura !

Is nature of Man,
Dau Bhoota Sargau Lokesmin,
Daiva Asura eva cha.

Let us curb our aspect negative,
And promote our aspect positive.
Therefore conquer thy vicious aspect,
With thy virtuous aspect !

Let thy appettite be,
The evolutionary appettite,
Let thy main need be,
The Superpersonal Need.

Transcend thyself, become thyself,
Be more than yourself !
All these trials and tribulations,
Can only discover the Divine Thee !

A stands for Aumkaramaya Porul Moonnai Pirinjudane,
That Verse of the Father of Malayalam Language,
That the Unified AUM bacame threefold,
As A, U and M, Amkara, Ukara and Makara.
What is its esoteric meaning?
The Unified Field of Consciousness. Brahm,
Became the three states relative,
Waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep.
A stands for Amkaramayatinu Than Thanne Sakshi,
Meaning that Transcendental Consciousness, Tureeya,
Is the Ever Awake Witness,
Witnessing all, even the most sordid evil !
A stands for Atu Bodham Varuthum Atin Alayi Ninna,
injecting Self Awareness, as the Sole Presider,
To That Omnipotent in the form of My Master,
A  million obeisances to Thee !
Aumkaramaya Porul Moonnai Pirinjudane,
Amkaramayatinu Than Thanne Sakshi,
Atu Bodham Varuthum Atin Alayi Ninna,
Param Acharya Roopa Hari Narayanaya Nama.