A stands for Arch, essence of experience,
Which all experience is !
It is the untravelled world,
Whose margin  fades, when we move !
Aa stands for Ananda ! Sakala Ma Muni Vandita Deva,
The great poem consecrated to Lord Bharata,
Invoking Him to rise at Dawn,
And to resume His Work of Mercy.
Ananda ! Sakala Ma Muni Vandita Deva,
Tavukapada thalirallo.
Paaril ivanu abhayam,
Sadayam, Kaniyane Sangameswara ! 
A stands for Aaro enne appol thazhuki punarnu,
The Ecstatic Embrace of Deity,
I lost myself in that torrent of Bliss,
Also A signifies Ananda Nirvrithiyil Njan enne Marannu !
Sankatangal sahikkan avathe nernu njan,
Sangameswara, oru Thamara Mala,
Aaro enne appol thazhuki punarnu !
Ananda Nirvrithiyil Njan enne Marannu !
A stands for Anadi yat Param Brahma,
That Absolute is beyond vexations of physique and psyche !
Being neither Being nor Non Being,
Na Sat na Asat iti Uchyate.
A stands for Ahamkaram Balam Darpam,
Egoism, show of strength and vanity,
Some negative qualities humans are infested with,
And which the aspirant shuns to actualise Self !
A stands for Abhijanati Bhaktya Maam,
Only via Love canst thou know Me !
They who attain Union with Me,
Always are in that eternal state !
A stands for Anuvrajami Aham Nityam,
I am with thee eternally,
One of the Abhaya Vachanas given,
As the Self is always with Man !
A stands for Alone no One is,
As Self is with him.
Those who say I am alone,
Are ignorant of His Presence !
A stands for Abhideeyate Bhaktir iti,
The definition of Bhakti Yoga is given,
Self Enquiry alone is Bhakti,
Swaswaroopasya Anusandhanm Bhaktiriti Abhideeyate.
A stands for Abhideeyate Hindu iti,
He who hates violence is a Hindu
Himsayam dooyate yasya sah
Hinduriti Abhideeyate.  
A stands for Aswa Yaga for Digvijaya,
The Grand Horse sent for global conquest,
The Indian PM may very well become that,
May he, Pope and UN Secretary General bring World Peace !
Only their philosophy can save world,
Averred Francois Gautier,
India exists for Dharma,
India exists for World Peace !
Generalship has been given to US.
Guruhood has been granted to India.
May both Guru and the General,
Implement World Peace !

If you win over your enemy by force
You have won over him by half
On the contrary, if you conquer by Love,
You have won entire !

Love is mightier,
Than the sword,
India exists for Universal Love,
And to Universal Love, She will lead !
Portfolios given to India include,
Maintaining higher states,
Of Consciousness mighty,
And ensuriing World Peace

We have Manu's Great injunction,
That the enlightened will spread Wisdom,
And maintain higher states,
And nations are like individuals..