A signifies Ananda Chit Maya Hare,
O Bliss Ineffable, may I not be conceited,
A stands for Akhila Njananithenna Vazhi thonnakilum,
May I know myself as the Universal "I" !
Ananda Chinmaya Hare Gopika Ramana
Njanenna Bhavam atu thonnayka venam iha
Thonnakilum  Akhila Njananithenna Vazhi
Thonnename Varada Narayanaya Nama !
A stands for Anandena Bhootani Jayante,
From Bliss Absolute, everything rises,
As the Substratum of the Universe,
Is Being- Knowledge-Bliss Absolute.
A  represents Anandena Jathani Jeevathi,
That everything exist in Bliss Absolute,
Despite an  adverse Fate, people pull on,
Saying there is a joy in dolorouse Existence.

A stands Anandam Prayantyapi Samvishanti,
All merge back in Bliss Absolute.
Brahm is the Alpha and the Omega,
And in It, everything exists  !
A stands for Ashaya Bandhate Lokah,
That humanity is bound by desire,
The Desire, Asha, which is the temptress treacherous,
Binding Man to the sublunar world.
A stands for Ayur Ksheenam Na Janati,
We are not aware of the loss of Ayus,
Day by day our time is going,
Therefore, Actualise Self,  Tasmat Jagrata, Jagrata ! 
A stands for Api Gareeyasi Swargath,
That Mother and Motherland are greater,
Than all Heavens and Earths,
Jananee Jamma Bhoomischa Swargath Api Gareeyasi.
A stands for Atmano Atmana Thishta,
He who is established in Over Self,
Is called Sthitha Prajna,
Sthitha Prajna iti uchyate.
A stands for Atmavin Abhishekamam Ananda Porule,
That Divine Remembrance is prescribed,
When we are in a series of Crises,
Also A  stands for Anantapuriyil Vazhum Attukal Amme !
Apadi Kim Karaneeyam ? Amme,
Smaraneeyam Tava Pada Kamalam.
Anantapuriyil Vazhum  Attukal Amme,
Atmavin Abhishekamam Ananda Porule
A stands for Akashopasana, Fasting Therapy,
That Fasting is the best Medicine,
Lankhanam Parama Oushadham,
As the digestive system gets the much needed rest !

A stands for Ayur Diet,
Diet prescribed by Sages of yore,
Which maintains 80 % Alkalinity,
And 20% Acidity.
A represents Acidity- Alklinity Ratio, 80 :20,
Deadly diseases thrive in environment acidic
Our dharma is to make our bodies alkaline,
For optimum health is in an alkaline body.
A stands for Avan Eeshata Venum Adyan Urveer,
Poet Vallathol's magnificent definition of Man.
That Man wants to  become the emperor of the world,
Despite being a great miser. When will Avarice end?
Avan Eeshata Venum Adyan Urveer,
Dhavan Ashipatu Chakravarti Akaan.
Avano Bhuvanidhipatya lubdhan,
Sivane ! Marthyanu Thrishna theeralundo ?
A stands for Asthiram Sree Bhoovil,
That Lakshmi or Prosperity is inconstant.
She may grace you today,
And move over to your neighbor tomorrow.