The Sai Hypothesis - 

Epic Poetry is allegorical

It so happened, Ithiha Asa, say the poets,
The Seer Poets of the Vedas,
Who knew that without Allegories,
Spiritual Truths cannot be taught !

Epic Poetry, Ithihasa,is allegorical ,
Symbolic of the Titanic, inner war,
Between the black and white opposites,
Of good and evil, Prosperity and Adversity !

Two major epic Poems here are,
The Majestic Mahabharata, with 100 K verses,
And Righteous Ramayana, with 24000 verses
Written by high calibre mystic poets.

Because of the Overmind Aesthesis being present,
We can call them as Ovemind Poetry.
Thou shalt find illumination and inspiration there,
As these verses are full of supramundane beauty.

Man is a composite creature.
Virtue and Vice are mixed
But the ratio is not fifty-fifty,
Either good or evil is more.

Vice more means Man Criminal,
Virtue more means Man Sage.
Half half is Man Common
And cent percent Virtue is Man Divine.

Imperfect principle is Ego,
Perfect principle is Self.
Ego is our negative aspect
And Self, our positive aspect.

King Ravana is emblem of Ego
Lord Rama represents Self.
King Kamsa symbolises Ego
And Lord Krishna, Self.

We are the battleground and place,
Where all parallel universes meet,
Where the Great Battle is fought,
Between Wisdom and Ignorance !

Human compositeness is everywhere.
Man is a dual personality, a paradox !
Asset of Virtues is Daivee Sampath
And Asset of Vices,Asuri Sampath.

Asuri Sampath binds,
Daivee Sampath liberates !
To gain Self Actualisation,
Increase Daivee Sampath.

The Six Enemies of Man, Ari Shad Varga,
The Six Deadly Sins of Dante,
Are lust, anger ,pride ,ambition, jealousy, avarice
Kamam, Krodham, Madam ,Mohm, Matsaryam,Lobham.

Along with these six, there are four more,
Blocks to Self Actualisation.
Ego, mind, intellect, processing mind,
These Ten are the barriers to Enlightenment !

These Ten are the Ten Heads of the Ego,
The Ten Heads of King Ravana !
The Law of the Way advocates their destruction
To gain the Divine Crown !