A=Absolute IV

A stands for Atharava Veda, Fourth,
Considered sinister and outlawed,
Because of belonging to the Left Handed Path,
But containing a magnificent science, Ayurveda.
It is said that the Greeks acquired an insight into Medicine,
Only after Alexander's invasion of India,
When Ayurveda, Holistic Medicine First,
Revealed her formidable secrets to the discerning.
Dr R K Wallace, in his "Neurophysiology of Enlightenment", averred
"It is appropriate to recognise India,
As the home of the most profound Knoweldge,
And procedures for the development of Physiology".
A stands for Aditi,
The White Mother of the Superconscient Infinite.
Also her alter ego, Diti,
The Dark Mother of the Tenebrous Infinite.
The Bright Form of Aditi,
Is the human Positive Aspect, Dr Jekyll.
And the Dark Form of Diti,
The human negative aspect, Mr Hyde.
Aditi gave birth to 12 Sons,
The Suns Twelve of Indian Astronomy,
They were called 12 Adityas,
Born of Aditi,
Diti gave birth to sons innumerable,
Called Daityas, symbols of negative forces,
They were so called,
Because they were born of Diti.
Amongst the Twelve Sons,
Which are Names of Sun,
In the Zodiacal Signs Twelve,
I am Vishnu, the Sun in Scorpio,
Aadityanam Aham Vishnu,
Vidhata is the Sun in Aries,
Aryaman in Tauus,
Mithra in Gemini.
Varuna is the Sun in Cancer,
Indra in Leo, Vivaswan in Virgo,
Twastha in Libra, Anshuman in Sag,
Bhaga in Capricorn.
Isha in Aquarius,
And Parjanya in Pisces.
Of all the luminaries I am the Sun,
Jyothisham Ravir Anshuman,

Sun is the source of all energy,
Without him, no life on earth.
Sun is the only visible Deity,
So He is the symbol of the Inner Sun !
Inner Sun is the Absolute Self,
The Sol Invictus, the Invincible One !
Self is Time, averred Kant.
Kalatma Dinakrith.
At Sunrise, He resembles the Creator,
At Midday, the Destroyer,
At Sunset, the Preserver,
He is all in all, He is all !
Brahma Swaroopa Udaye,
Madhyahne to Sadasiva,
Astha Kale Swayam Vishnor,
Trailokyam Dinakara !
Foolish it is to believe,
That Eternians worship the Outer Sun,
They worship the Inner Sun,
The Divine Solar Consciousness !
A stands for Aham Jnathru Jnana Jneyam,
I am That Unified Knowledge Known Knower,
A statement from Universal Consciousness,
When the triad becomes One at Infinity !
The Law of Coincidence of Opposites,
Means that Opposites coexist in Reality.
Truth, like the Atom, is the organic Unity,
Of opposed parts, averred Hegel.
Okay, they coexist together,
But do they become One,
At any period in Time ?
Yes, at Infinity !
The Maxima and the Minima,
Centre and Circumference,
One and Many, Unity and Multiplicity,
Become One at infinitude !
Condition for Infinity, Infinite is One withot a Second,
Ekam Eva Adviteeyam Brahma,
Ananthatil Anantam Kizhichal
Seshippoo Anantam, othunnu Ganita Sastram !
Infinity - Infinity = Infinity.
At Infinity, Opposites become One,
The Triad becomes One,
Because there is only the One, the Absolute !
In the Unified Field of Consciousness,
In the experience of Unity Consciousness,
At Infinity, Known, Knower and Knowledge,
Attain Unification, hence that Maha Vakya !