Truth in Monosyllables & Digits
Mathematics and Philosophy are twin sisters,
Being inseparable.
The a priori theorems of Mathematics,
Are the Platonic Ideas and Spinozist Eternal Order !
Mathematics is the Science of the Infinite,
Philosophy, that of the Absolute,
The Absolute incorporates Infinity,
Making both inextricable !
Pythagoras and Vararuchi
Gave birth to Numerology,
Mysteries of Universe are contained,
In digits  and monosyllables !


One represents the Law of Unity,
Two, that of Duality.
Zero, that of Nihil,
And Infinity, the Law of the Absolute !
Can Reality be represented,
In Monosyllabes, like Numbers?
In Sanskrit, it seems possiblle,
Let us see how !
Philosophy entire is signified by Swa,
Geometry & Trignometry by Jya,
Transcendental WIsdom by Jna,
And the Four States by AUM !
Swa means Self,
Around all Wisdom revolves,
Jna is short for Jnana,
Wisdom Supreme !
Jyamithi became Geometry,
Trignon/ Trikona means Triangle,
Trikonamithi became Trignometry.
Jyamithi is the science of Jyas.
It was the astronomer, Brahma Gupta,
Who, in order to measure the heavens,
Took 5 degrees as the base unit,
To calculate Reduction to the Geocentric !

His Tan Tables, Sparshajyakkal,
Gave accurate Tan values for every  5 degrees,
It matched the Sine Tables of Aryabhata,
In accuracy and precision !

Since a Zodiac Sign is 30,
A Sign is 6*5 , 6 Jyas
And Zodiac entire of 360,
Is made up of 72 Jyas !
The Bow, Chapa, represented the Arc Sine,
The Arrow, Sara, that of Versine,
Radius was defined as 206265 secs,
That is ( 360 / 3.14*2) * 60 * 60 secs !
Jya and Kojya were translated,
Into Arabic, as Jiba and Kojiba,
Into Latin, as Sinus and Cosinus,
And into English, as Sine and Cosine !
So the entire Trikonamithi and Jyamithi,
The entire Trignometry and Geometry,
Can be represented by the letter Jya,
If one can understand the evolution of Jya.
Self is Swa in Sanskrit,
All Philosophy is about SELF
Kalya Swa Vikrama Griha, averred Varaha,
For Body, Self, Valour & House.
Take the word Swami for instance,
Swami means who is immersed,
In the Bliss of his own Self,
He who is in Divine Consciousness !
He who knows that all this
Is the Mirage of the Mind,
He alone is the true Swami,
Others are pseudos !

So Philosophy entire is Swa,
As Self is all in all, Self is All,
Self become eternally and is immutably,
In eternal successions of time !
Wisdom is Jnana in Sanskrit,
That Mercury represents Speech
Is written as Jne Vacho,
So Jna represents Wisdom Absolute.
Four states, three relative and one Absolute,
Waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep & Transcendence,
Are represented by A U and M,
With the last hum being the Fourth.

We have said that Digits express Him,
Monosyllables also express Him,
As evidenced by His Statement,
Amongst letters, I am the Letter A,

Aksharanam Akarosmi,
A representing the Absolute,
A, the Alpha of the Greek Alphabet,
Akara of the Sanskrit Alphabet !
M represents Moola Prakriti,
Creative Nature, Natura Naturans,
The Divine Aspect of Prakriti,
Its Statis supporting its dynamis !
M or Ma  represents Worship via 5 Ms,
The Pancha Makara Pooja,
Madyam mamsam cha meenam cha,
Mudra Maithunam eva cha.
Esoterica has it,
That Madyam means the Wine of Bliss,
The Bliss which floweth,
After Cosmic Consciousness !
Mamsam is Soham reversed,
He am I and I am He,
That which the liberated discover,
In this evolutionary journey.
Aim means Wisdom entire,
Wisdom which is Organised Life.
Sujnana, Vijnana and Prajnana,
Constitutes Threefold Brahma Jnana !
Sreem represents All Prosperity,
The Ninefold Prosperity,
Ninth being Cosmic Consciousness,
Which is the Summum Bonum.
Hreem represents Tantra entire,
Hreem became the leader,
Hrillekha sarva mantranam,
Nayika parama smrithah
It is I who reflecteth,
In the mighty mirror of Hreem !
Says the Great Mother ,
In Devee Bhagavatam.
( Hrillekha Darpane Nityam
Aham tu Pratibimbitha )