The Brahmagupta Hypothesis 

Trgnometric Functions

The first mathematical treatise,
Was the Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta,
Written by the ace mathematician,
Brahmagupta from India.

He called 5 degrees of the Zodiac, Jya,
And so a Zodiacal Sign of 30, has six Jyas.
He gave Sine Tables for difference of 5 degrees,
And originated concepts of sine and cosine.

As Trikonamithi became Trignometry,
And Jyamithi became Geometry later,
Science of Jyas was highlighted,
As longitudes computation needed it.

Bow and arrow was best example,
Bow represents the Arc Sine, Chapa,
And the Versine, 1 - cos x, Sara,arrow,
And then, computation became simple.

The rough Sine Table set up,
Was later modified by Aryabhata,
Who gave sine values for differences,
Of three degrees and minutes forty five.

Since it deals with R Sine Differences,
It cannot be called a Sine Table,
But the Table of R Sine Differences,
Of great use to the computing student.

Radius, R, is easy to calculate,
360 by 2 Pi is 57.3 degrees,
Which converted is 206265 seconds,
The Magic Figure of Astronomy.


In initial stages of programming,
One Table confused me
A Table called Sparshajyakkal 
In Ganita Nirnaya.


A mammoth table of  11 pages
One week to make a data file
So I tested sine and cos
And coulnt get the desired result.
Got it when I put Tan
And saved seven day's work
Came to know they are,
Tan Tables of Brahmagupta !.