S O L A R   M Y S T I C I S M
Soorya Narayana Concept
The Self and Time are One, averred Immanuel Kant,
The Self and Time were assigned to the Sun,
Kaal Atma Soorya Narayana,
By the Great Initiates.
But Self and Time are properties of the Divine,
Self is His Great  Transparent Mirror,
And Time, His Great Devouring Power,
And so the Sun became closest to Deity !
So they took the outer Sun, as the Outer Symbol,
Of the Inner Sun, the Absolute Self !
As the Exoteric Emblem of the Greatest,
He was deified and worshipped.
Of all the Luminaries, I am the Sun,
Jyothisham Ravir Amsuman.
And the Mysticism centred around the Sun,
Came to be known as Solar Mysticism.
In Germany, there are societies secret,
Who worship the Black Sun,
The Supermassive Black Hole,
At the Center of our Galaxy.
Scientifically, Sun is the source of all energy,
Without him, life exists not,
He is the Base of time computation,
Without him, Time computation cannot exist.

Scientifically, the only visible Deity,
Sun takes on creative, preservative and destructive roles,
At Rising, Midday and Setting,
And qualifies to be the greatest Esoteric Symbol !
Known as the Secret of the Mighty Stars,
Solar Fusion, wherein 2 atoms of Hydrogen,
Transmute to become one Helium Atom,
Is happening in the Sun naturally.
With tremendous release of Heat Energy,
This Solar Fusion is also occurring in other Suns,
Suns greater and more voluminous than ours,
Arcturus, Alcyone, Antares,  Betelguese et al.
To the astro mathematicians,
I am Time, Kala Kalayatamaham,
Time keeps not road blocks,
On His express highway!

Time causeth rise and fall,
Of empires temporal,
However, He toucheth not,
The Empire Eternal !
As the Outer Symbol
Of the inner Sol Invictus
He is revered by many
As Lord Surya Narayana
When the longitude of Sun,
Crosses 10th Degree,
On that Tenth Rising Day, Patham Udayam.
He is worshipped as Lord Surya Narayana.

The Heart of the Solar Logos, Aditya Hridayam,
Is a masterly treatise on the Sun,
The Divine Solar Consciousness, omnipresent,
Which is the Basis of all Knowledge.
Aditya Hridayam Punyam
Sarva Satru Vinasanam
Jayavaham Japennityam
Akshayyam Paramam Sivam
An integral part of the Epic Poem, the Ramayana,
It consists of Esoteric Mysteries,
Revealde by Divine Sage Agastya
( Who is Canopus in the Heavens )
To a frustrated Lord Rama.
In order to overcome Formidable Adversary, Ego, Ravana,
Mysteries of Solar Mysticism are revealed ,
By Agastya , the Divine Sage,
To Lord Rama, who found it difficult to fight Ravana !
Worship this Inner Sun, Absolute Self,
Who is revered by both, righteous and the vicious,
Propitiate Him, and thou shalt emerge
Victorious ultimately in thy fight against Ego.

Rasmimantam Samudyantam
Deva Sura Namaskrutam
Poojayasva Vivaswantam
Bhaskaram Bhuvaneswaram.
Ten Heads of Ravana are symbolic,
Lust, greed, anger, jealouy, avarice, pride,
Mind, ego, intellect and processing mind,
These are all blocks to Self Realisation!
He is known by Names Many,
As Time, as Space, as   Self,
As the Trinitarian Unity,
As Prana, Prajapati et al.
Yesha Brahmascha Vishnuscha
Siva Skanda Prajapati
Mahendro Dhanada Kalo
Yama Somohyatam Patih