Some Important Mathematical Points 

All important is the Ascending Degree, as everything is based on the Ascendant, Sarvam Vi Lagnepi  Chintayet. 180 degrees, diametrically opposite to that point is the Descending Degree, Astha Lagna. The Meridien Cusp is another point and 180 degrees diametrically opposite to it is the Imum Caeli. In the Computation of House Division, Bhava Sphuta Ganitha, these are the major points which are calculated first.



Only five planets there are
Sol and Luna are luminaries
Rest are all math degrees
Important indeed to Sages


The Nodes of the Moon, both Ascending and Descending, are  also important, as they are the determinants of behavior.

The Lunar Ascending Degree is vital and same importance is given to it as the Ascending Degree.

Equally important is the Triune Longitude as the health of the native can be discerned from it.

The Vital Force is represented by the Ascendant, Body by Luna and Death by Gulika and this Ttiad is known as Tri  Sputa, Lagnath Amsyamasum vau Sasabhutho Mandescha Mrityor Vidu.

Negative indications are conveyed, if Trisphuta falls in Dissolution stars. Dissolution Stars are  Third Stars, as   First Stars are Creation  Stars and Second, Preservation, Aswinyadyat Kramal Sarve Srishit Sthithi Laya Smritha. 

Physical, Vital & Death Longitudes figure in Horary. The Triad is known as Subtle Triue Longitude and figure in Medical Astrology. Furthur extentions are the Fourfold and Fivefold Longitude.

Nuptial Longitude figure in Marriage Horary while Beeja ad Kshetra figure in Horary Progeny.

Here we give some important math points in the sample horoscope.

1 Ascending Degree                 Udaya Lagna Sphuta                                                        119

2 Descending Degree              Astha Lagna Sphuta                                                          299

3 Mid Heaven-MC                  Madhya Lagna Sphuta                                                      31

4 Imum Caeli                           Patala Lagna Sphuta                                                         211

5 Lunar Ascending Degree      Chandra Lagna Sphut                                                       109

6 Ascending Node                   Rahu                                                                                   243                          

7 Descending Node                  Ketu                                                                                    63

8 Subtle Triune Long             Sookshma Tri Sphuta                                                        151  

9 Physical Longitude               Deha Sphuta                                                                    280

10 Vital Longitude                   Prana                                                                                1

11 Death Longitude                 Mrityu Sphuta                                                                230

12 Triune Longitude               Tri Sphuta                                                                        354

13 Fourfold Longitude            Chatu Sphuta                                                                    62

14 Fivefold Longitude             Pancha Sphuta                                                               305 

15 Long of Yama Sukra         Yama Sukra Sphuta                                                         102

16 Nuptial Longitude              Veli Sphuta                                                                   270

17 Long(Sun+Venus+Jup)     Beeja Sphuta                                                                215

18 (Long(Moo+Mars+Jup))   Kshetra Sphuta                                                           293