A stands for Ashtottara Shatam Pada,
The 108 Lunar Mansions of the Zodiac,
Sidereal Zodiac of Constellations Twenty Seven,
In which the planets swim like fishes !
A stands for Ashta Lakshmi, Eightfold Prosperity,
The Eight Symbols of the Eightfold Prosperity,
Wealth, agriculture, Courage, Victory,
Power, Wisdom, Empire and Children !
A stands for Adhibhoota Ksharo Bhava,
About the Three Levels of Being,
Gross, Subtle and Unmanifest,
Adhibhoota, Adhidaiva and Adhi Yajna !
A stands for Athato Brahma Jijnasa,
Great Statement of Brahma Sutras,
Now the Knowledge of Brahm, which is mandatory,
For the Actualisation of Self !
A stands for Ananta Roopa Tvaya Tatam Idam Visvam,
O Infinite Unbounded, Thou pervadest the Universe,
Thou art the Primal Deity, Ancient Purusha,
And the Noumena behind the Phenomena !
A stands for Anudvekakaram Vakyam,
One of the great qualities needed for Verbal Meditation,
Others being, Truth, self study and practice
Swadhyayabhyasanam chaiva Vangmayam Tapa Uchyate
Anudvekakaram Vakyam,
Satyam Priyahitam cha yad
Swadhyayabhyasanam chaiva
Vangmayam Tapa Uchyate
A stands for Ahimsa, Non Violence
One of the great qualities needed for Physical Meditation
Others being devotion to deities and preceptors,
Continence and high intellectuality !
A stands for Atma Vinigraha,
One of the great qualities needed for Mental Meditation
Others being equanimity, silence
Purity of heart and meekness !
A stands for Ashta Vasus,
The Eight Elementals,
Sun, Moon, Polestar, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether,
Vasu meaning Prosperity.
A stands for Aham Ekadasa Rudra
The Ten sense organs plus Mind,
Nose, ear, skin,eyes, tongue,
Hands, feet, speech, anus and genitalia.
A stands for  Adityas Dwadasa, the Twelve Suns,
Vidhata, Parjanya, Pooshan, Bhaga, Anshuman,
Vishnu, Twastha, Indra, Varuna and Mithra,
The Glorious Suns of Astronomy Indian.
A stands for Aditya, the Sun,
The only Scientific Deity,
Mainly because of the Fusion Reaction,
And the best Model for Transmutation.
A stands for Aswini Kumaras,
Celestial Physicians of Mythology Indian,
Symbolising the sunlights of dawn and dusk,
Which have healing properties.
A stands for Agnir Jyotir Aha Shukla
A great Yoga for Non Recurrence
Birth during Day, in the Bright Fortnight,
And in the Northern Solstice, Uttarayana.
Agnir Jyotir Aha Shukla
Shan Masa Uttarayanam
Tatra Prayata Gacchanti
Brahma Brahma vido Janah !
A stands for its Anti Thesis,
A great Yoga for Recurrence
Birth during Night, in the Dark Fortnight,
And in the Southern Solstice, Dakshinayana.
Dhoomo Ratri Tadha Krishna
Shan Masa Dakhinayanam
Tatra Chandramasam Jyoti
Yogi Prapya Nivartate