A stands for Alternative Medicine,
That Grand System of Medicine Psyvho Physical,
Prakriti is the Sole Doctor,
Medicus Curata Natura Sanat.

A stands for Adi Parashkti Saraswatiyay,
She in Her Four Great   Aspects,
Mahalakshmiyay Durgayay Eerezhu Parinne
Palootti Tharattum Ammayay Vazhunna Devee Mahatmyam.
A stands for Asthiram Youvanam Dhanam
Youth and wealth are not eternal
Ephemeral and evanescent,
Only momentary existence thay have.
A stands for Asthiram Dara Putrani
Wife and children also Asthiram
This world is selfish to the core,
The word mine has no meaning.
A stands for Anityam Lokam,
This world is also ephemeral,
Therefore seek thy Self,
Is the commandment of the Lord.
A stands for Asukham Lokam,
Worldliness is illness,
The source of all unhappiness,
Earth is sunk in sorrow !
( Once a king lost his kingdom,
And a biz man his business.
Samadhi and Surathan by name,
And they wandered in the forest.
Then they saw a man of Brahmic Lustre,
A genius, sarva sastra visharada,
He told them of the plight of the worldly,
Anityam Asukham Lokam !
It was Markandeya,
Author of Markandeya Purana.
Markandeya, Maha Prajna,
Sarva Sastra Visharada.
They beseeched him to tell them,
The Mystery of Life & Universe,
Srothum icham Aseshena,
Devee Mahatmyam Uthamam.
Markendeya immediately told them,
To remember His Commandment !
Anithyam Asukham Lokam
Imam Prapya Bhajaswa Maam.
He told them that Purusha is static,
Whereas Prakriti is dynamic.
It is a stasis of the Infinite,
Supporting a kinesis of  the Infinite.
Entire Universe is swung,
By Her incredible Illusory Power
She is Transcendence,
And is the Consort of the Lord !

Tureeya kvapi sthvam
Duradhi gamanee seema Mahima
Maha Maya Visvam Bhamayati
Para Brahma Mahishi
Tanatalising is Her Maya,
She deludes even the wise,
Jnaninam api chetamsi
Devee Bhagavathi hi Sa. ).
A stands for Anyatha Saranam Nasthi,
That Thou Art the Sole Refuge,
Therefore, in Thy Compassion Mighty,
Extricate me from misery,
Anyatha Saranam Nasthi,
Tvameva Saranam Mama,
Tasmat Karunya Bhavena,
Raksha Raksha Maheswara !
A stands for Akhilam Samarpayami,
I surrender all , my body,
Also my agitating mind,
Before Thy Lotus Feet !
Thanu Samarpayami,
Manam Samarpayami,
Tava Pada Padme Matah,
Akhilam Samarpayami !