A represents Anugrahena eva Guror, Grace of Guru,
Which reveals the Farthest Secret of His Heavens and Earths,
Which can endow Freedom to Man,
The true Veritas Vos Liberabit.
Grace of Guru is All in All,
It can make thee whole !
Guror Anugrahenaiva
Puman  Poorna Prasanthaye.
A signifies Asesha Sakshi,
The Absolute Witness Consciousness, Self,
Witnessing all three states relative,
Without losing its absolute nature.
This Light of Absolute Self,
Shines in the most sordid evil,
Akhanda Bodhoham Asesha Sakshi,
Nireeswaroham Nir Aham cha Nirmama.
A stands for Nir Aham, no trace of Ego,
Petty Egoism has made a strategic retreat.
Egoistic feeling exists in me not,
I am equanimous and whole.
A denotes Arogyam Sreya Labhena,
That Health is result of Ayurved,
Also Arogyam Savitha,
Appollo or Sun is its Significator !
A stands for Arogyam Adyam Khalu Dharma Sadhanam,
Sound health is needed for a sound body,
Clamouring for Self Actualisation,
To fulfill the purpose of Life.
A stands for Aryanism, Noble Humanity,
Rishees who consecrated to the Divine,
Realisng " Once a Rishi, Always a Rishee" ,
And who gave Ayurved and Yoga to us !
A stands for Apal Bandhava, Friend in Crisis,
One of the properties of the Lord,
His Nature is to save at Eleventh Hour,
Chance is perhaps His pseudonym ! 
A stands for Artha eva Pradhana iti Kautilya,
Chanakya reckoned that Wealth is important,
Amongst the Four Purusharthas,
Even though Moksha is the summum bonum !
A stands for Abhyangam Achareth Nityam.
That great Ayurvedic injunction,
To indulge in Oil Massage Therapy,
To preserve gloss on the skin.
A stands for Annam Brahma,
That Matter is Brahman,
That Matter is veiled Consciousness somnambulist,
Which contains all latent potencies of Spirit !

A stands for Annam Hi Bhootanam Jyeshtyam,
That the Elemental Five are Five Doctors,
Dr Earth, Dr Air, Dr Fire, Dr Water & Dr Ether
In the Fivefold Elemental Therapy.
A stands for Adityath Jayate Vrishti,
That Sun causeth vegetation,
And from vegetation cometh food,
Does not the Sun cause Seasons?!
A stands for Architect Grand,
Of this magnificent Universe,
Who fashioned human soul,
With mystic, celestial secrets !
A stands for Atma Jnana Pradayena,
One of Guru's many a definition,
The Imparter of Absolute Knowledge,
Or the Bestower of Secret Wisdom.